Welcome to MPU Talk


What a fantastic move off Facebook! This looks awesome!
(Even supports Markdown)


Thank you for moving off FB.
A listener for years, and was
hoping for something like this


Good news that you moved the MPU community from Facebook Island to the real (Internet) world. Longtime listener, thanks.


This is SO much better. Topics, especially tech help issues, don’t fall through the cracks and the improvement in the entire experience is tremendous. Feels much more like a vibrant community!


Huge thanks for moving here. Love it. Just one big complaint - I’m slowly getting addicted to checking this!


Anyone else having issues logging in with google on iOS? I click on login with google and it takes me through authentication but then it just loads at the home page without logging me in. Have the same issue on multiple forums in the discourse app. iOS 12 on iPhone X


So SO happy you created this forum. I left FB 5 or 6 years ago but there have been several pages that “called me.” Mac Power Users was one of them. I can’t thank you enough for making this move!!


Delighted that you two chose to move to such a functional platform that’s so much more suitable for searching and idea exchange than Facebook. Besides, after what we’ve learned in the past 20 months, this is a great time to be leaving Facebook.


Thanks for opening this up and getting us away from Facebook. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but user forums have been around on the web for quite a while and they seem to work best. Looking forward to lurking and occasionally participating in the conversations.


Thank you! As facebook was always a show stopper for me I appreciate your step away. After listening a few years to the podcast now its time to get a little bit more involved in the community.


Hello all,
Just joined today as I was not on Facebook at all.
Looking good… see yaz around👍


Congrats on biting the bullet, and thank you so much for taking the trouble. The use of FaceBook effectively excluded me from participation in the MPU community, so it is nice to feel that at last I can take my place!.


I’m listening for a long time to your great podcast but Facebook was never an option for me. Thanks a lot for this new platform here. I’m quite happy to be part of it.


As someone with ADD, it was much easier for me to look for everything in one place. A forum where everything is scattered around is a nightmare for someone like me. Plus, I could check the old group while I was on Facebook anyway. Now I have to make an effort to search out the forum on my web browser.


I am glad I finally made it on on – my fault for the delay. I look forward to interacting with everyone.

As a former BBS sysop from back in the day, this forum bring back some fond memories. Hopefully this is a sustainable format for the group.


Thanks to all the knowledgable people joining this forum. You make it possible for me to learn new stuff. I know my way around but there are folks here that know much more than me. Big suprise! A major learning opportunity… :+1:


I’ve listened to the podcast for a few years now, but I’m a couple of episodes behind so I didn’t hear about this new forum until recently. I was never part of the Facebook group since I don’t have a Facebook account and I didn’t really want to create one only for the MPU group. Naturally, I’m very happy that this Discourse forum exists now. Hello everyone.


Just made my first post in the home office setup and will be making a lot more contributions in the various other sections. Looks like its a great move from Facebook. :slight_smile:


Great idea, never joined the Facebook group. Love the mpu


Yeah! I find the whole FB interface unfriendly and difficult to locate information. This software forum software looks great and looking forward to Geek out with fellow members. I appreciate the time spent by people responsible for executing this endeavor.