Well, that was an expensive gift! :-) Case suggestion?

Don’t tell but I just ordered my wife an iPhone 12 Max Pro (Pacific Blue). That was not cheap, but she is worth it. (Now I’m covered!) :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for a nice case?


I like the Totallee clear case with a Totalee screen protector. The case is thin and slightly raised on the front edges to give some protection if placed face down. The case is smooth but has a slight dot appearance on the back; sort of like looking at something through a screen door. It works great with the Apple Magsafe charger. It does not have that white design on the back like the Apple clear case.

I’ve been an Otterbox fan ever since I had smartphones. They are very sturdy and protect the phone extremely well. They are a bit nondescript though, and somewhat bulky. But they’re the best cases I ever had and when I try another brand, I always end up coming back to them.

I just checked it out. I like it! I’ll wait for a few more suggestions before ordering but this looks promising. Thanks.

Nice gift! What kind of aesthetic does your wife like?

To her credit, she is not particular. I think I’m looking for a case that will not completely hide the beauty of the phone.

She is also extremely conservative when it comes to money so on one hand she will not like it that I spent that much. On the other hand she will appreciate the gift. :slight_smile:

I’m all about that Apple leather case life when I’m using a case.


I always get an Otterbox Defender case. First it’s grippy to the hands and then it’s just superb protection all around.

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Like you, I just ordered an iPad Air 256 LTE in rose gold for my wife for Christmas. I bought now because the delivery is not until about December 15 which is cutting it close! Santa’s Elves are trying to keep up with demand!

I also got the Smart Folio because I want her to have a case from the get-go. Now, she may not like that one so she can return or exchange it. Cases are very personal, so maybe you should just get a nice leather Apple case, but let her exchange it if it’s not for her.

I gifted myself the exact same iPhone and I would like to cast one more vote for the Apple Leather case. It looks like a natural fit on the Pro Max. The blue of the leather case matches the iPhone’s color perfectly. :slight_smile:

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Not sure about her taste, but Nomad looks great, ages beautifully and is quite protective.

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Ok, I’ll check it out! Thanks.

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Thanks everyone for the good suggestions!

After using for a couple of days, the Totallee clear case does acquire fingerprints/smudges like the iPhone screen.

Thanks for the update!

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So I decided to go with the iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe - Baltic Blue