We're building a new office


My husband and I just bought a new house. The third bedroom is pegged to be our new office. It’s a decent sized room, and we’re currently trying to decide how to lay it out. I guess I’m just curious to know what MPU folks might do with the same space. The longest measurement is just over 5 metres (about 16.4 feet) and the corresponding perpendicular length is marginally more than 3 metres (10 feet).

The walls are being painted, and the carpet replaced with laminate. We need to accommodate two desks.

Consider this a bit of a thought exercise, where I might steal the ideas that I like.

IMG_3959 IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3953

  • Large sit stand desk along the wall on the left on the floor plan.
  • “Analog” desk underneath one of the windows.
  • Comfortable chair for reading in the nook to the left of the door as you enter.
  • Tall bookshelf on the wall next to the radiator.
  • Additional bookshelves on the remaining wall of the nook, any of the left wall not covered by the sit-stand desk and any of the wall with the windows not covered by the analong desk.

What I would be tempted to do is rip out the wall heater and get two corner desks to run one side under a window and one along the wall, then but a bookcase in the recessed area for ether books, nicknacks or shared resources like a scanner.

Or instead of some shelves a small couch to read on.

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Congratulations on the new home!

I suppose it depends on how much you like seeing what the other person is up to, or them seeing what you’re up to - not assuming either of you have something to hide but I found it really distracting to have my boyfriend looking over my shoulder all the time so we rearranged our main living area so I have a bookcase wall next to me now :wink:

If you are in need of new office furniture I’m a fan of the Ikea Bekant range, they also have dividers you can put along the back of their desks (either half the length or the full length I believe) which might be of interest.

First things first though: you may have to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock to see who gets to sit nearest the radiator! I always get cold so want to be close to a heat source, if that’s both of you then you’ll either need to develop a rotation system or add another heating source (be that a radiator or something else).

Next: I would experiment to see if you prefer sitting back to back, face to face, or along side one another when working. If you have the space I love corner desks, and they don’t necessarily have to have the corner in the corner of the room either, my boyfriend has his the other way around (corner pointing out into the room, one edge meeting the wall and the other as an “exit”.

I hope you follow up with what you do!


I don’t get this recent trend of having an analog desk. It seems like a waste of space. If you want analog, why not just turn off your computer and all other devices on your single desk, and pull out your pen and paper?


Because my computer desk is cluttered with a keyboard, trackpad, mouse, iPad stand, ScanSnap, and various cables (plus a USB hub and a bunch of external hard drives under my monitor shelf). I’d like an analog desk because I’d like a big clear expanse of desk where I can spread out a bunch of paper from a project and work without all my electronics getting in the way.

Unfortunately, in my home office I don’t have the space for this. At work, I do have an analog desk (or rather, a long leg of a big U-shaped desk that’s clear of any electronics) and I make good use of it.

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So the renovation work is underway and the office’s new laminate floor is being laid. I’m excited :laughing:

I think I have found the ‘desk’ I want, too. It’s bigger and more expensive than I need but it is very much my style:



So it’s been a while and I have a minor update to the progress of the office. We will be furnishing the room in the next couple of months. Please forgive the mess.


Looks amazing! Make sure to keep us updated!


Still organising some of the furniture :laughing:


I like the color of the walls and the white trim looks really snazzy .

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I agree with you. The whole combination of paint color, white trim, and flooring looks really good together!


The trim is a super light grey. We decided we wanted to do a lot of bold colours, and did all the gloss in that colour so there was something to unify the rooms. Then the stairs and hallway are in a slightly darker grey on the walls. We think it turned out really well. Same flooring throughout.


These were taken right after we moved in so there’s still bags full of unpacked stuff.