WFH problem - Manipulating 4 PDF pages into one large PDF Plan

Hi, I have received an email which consists of 4 pages and each one has part of a map/plan on it. Each page is A4.

What I need to do is to somehow combine those 4 pages into one large map in a single PDF page. Clearly it will be bigger than A4 (A2?).

In the office I would have printed out the separate pages and then sellotaped them together to form the larger map/plan and look at it. But I can’t print from home.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


Assuming you’re on a Mac, you could create a new, blank document in Pages, convert it to a Page Layout (File > Convert to Page Layout), then drag and drop the PDFs into this new document. You can then rearrange the imported documents and export to a PDF (File > Export to PDF).

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If you know ImageMagick, it can do that.
A quicker route I would do is convert them to PNG using Preview, then you could combine them in Your choice of app, eg Pages.
Edit: if you can drop the pdfs straight in as said that’s even better. Good tip.


Not sure if this is something you want to spend money on, but Curio is great for things like this.

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I routinely use this:

That just reorders/combines into a new, normal pdf. I think the OP is looking for something that creates a multi-page layout, a map.


You are right. Missed that.

I guess if I had to do that and had to do it a lot of times … find a tool. If a one-off, then screen shot and put the screen shot images into PowerPoint or Keynote, then create a pdf of that page.

I have done the OP’s task several times in several ways, but they are basically variants of this Pages suggestion. This is quick and easy

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Thanks all. Yes it was quite easy in the end using Pages/Word. I took screenshots of the separate PDFs then put them together in Pages and finally outputted to a new PDF.

Thank you. :+1:

Great to hear this is working for you!

You should be able to drop the PDFs right into Pages, which would give you the best possible quality and avoids the need to take screenshots.

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