What a Subscription-Free WorkFlow Looks Like

Haven’t had time to get to it yet, but I will. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bitwarden is functional. 1Password’s interface seems better. End of the road for 1Password 7. Where to next? - #11 by ehpehp

It may be, but if I’m going to spend money on a software subscription, I’d rather put it into a productivity app I spend hours in than a utility I mostly interact with for only a few moments at a time. Bitwarden works fine, and that’s all I need from a password manager.


I was able to review it. It is fine but I prefer 1PW’s overall appearance. I’ll continue working to migrate completely to Keychain but for now, I’ll stay with 1PW. I only want to change once. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be curious to learn more about how you’re using OO. It looks like a central “dashboard” for your writing. Is that accurate? How are you linking to other documents? I’m partial to outlining information myself, but never thought to use OO in this way.

I use OO in two ways: 1) as a dashboard for my writing and 2) to outline longer articles. I can do both using one master outline because OO can collapse at each level. I have made one change since I posted about OO. I moved the link to a separate column because changing the title that is linked can be difficult.

The linking is relatively easy. I create and copy a shared link to a Pages document in Finder, then add that link to the corresponding topic in OO.

When I click on the link in OO, I’m taken to the Pages document in Finder.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

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Have you compared OO to Bike?

I haven’t used the former, but I loove Bike. First of all it just feels fantastic to use. And I like that it’s cheap and scriptable.

I haven’t, but I’ll now check it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you create table views in Bike?

I just checked it out. There is only a Mac version so Bike will not work for me. I need an app that is cross platform. Nevertheless, I appreciate the recommendation!

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Yeah - he’s working on 2.0 now, and then he’ll work on the iPad version. But I also don’t love that it’s only on Mac currently!

(If you meant like “Windows”, that probably won’t happen, heh.)

What’ that? (So I assume “no”. :sweat_smile: It’s a pretty pure rich text outliner.)

I meant iPad and iPhone, not Windows. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I envy you, seriously! :laughing:

I have some subscription, such as Perplexity AI, that I can’t cut away because it ease my workflow.

Then I’m cutting away all the Apps with subscription.
It’s not easy, almost a mission.

I’m using SetApp right now, and I enjoy it.
I’d like to cut it as well, but there many Apps there that can be replaced from open source alternatives, but that aren’t so friendly.

I still use little Apps I call “mono-feature” Apps, I may delete them and I could live well anyway, but they ease my life.

As an addendum to what I posted here, OmniOutliner has a great calendar picker when you change to the text to a date format.


FWIW, there’s also Zavala, a free native open source outliner written in Swift with macOS, iOS, and iPadOS apps. I haven’t tried it, but only because I’m not much into outliners.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

It is certainly a challenge, one requiring compromises. Each person has to decide what apps are worth subscribing to and what level of friction is worth it to avoid a subscription. I fall on the side of eliminating as many subscriptions as possible because, as a matter of principle, I dislike “renting” my tools. That said, some subscriptions are worth it–1PW, thus far, is one such app for me. Each person’s tolerance for friction vs cost is different, so you’ll have to consider any changes carefully. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll offer one piece of unsolicited advice born of experience: Many people don’t take the time to master an application before deciding it will not work for them. I’ve been guilty of this mistake. Or, they run into a point of friction and immediately move to another app. I’ve also been guilty of this. However, once one has mastered the feature set, the app will often serve their needs fine.


This thread has forced me to revisit my daily app usage across the Apple platforms. Thanks!

What I’ve learned is that, outside of the Microsoft Office sub (which, in my world is required), I’m mostly free of productivity subscriptions. I’m also taking a serious look at the Netflix/Disney etc subs.

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Guilty of this/experienced this myself, and as mentioned above, I agree wholeheartedly.


For me, if the subscription provides an ongoing service then I don’t mind paying for it. If I get nothing but paying rent, then I drop the subscription if at all possible.

I pay for 1PW for its cloud service that allows sharing passwords with my wife. I pay for Quicken for its connections to financial services. Backblaze and iCloud provide an ongoing service. But I pay for Lightroom under duress and will gladly drop it if there were an alternative (I greatly miss Aperture). I have no other subscription software.

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