What are your favorite high-quality, non-Apple Bluetooth earbuds?

I have PowerBeats Pro, and I’ve had the 1st gen Airpods - and Apple’s support of their products has been miserable. The Airpods had a critical failure after the warranty ran out, having been replaced under warranty less than 6 months previous. I have a year of AppleCare left on my PowerBeats, and they periodically either won’t charge or the charge runs down way, way too fast. Apple’s service center has decided that they’re fine though, and so I’m looking for a different headset.

I need something unobtrusive that will work for both calls and music. Battery life is much more important than sound quality. I like ear hooks because they seem to fall out less, but that’s not a hard requirement.

What would y’all recommend?

I use these for running:

“in-ear hooks” (dunno how to describe them), fairly firms in my not so forgiving ears (if I try to run with original AirPods they fly away in two seconds), not in ear buds, good sound quality (nothing fancy) and quite long battery life. No noise cancellation or similar technologies.

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I use Aftershokz which aren’t buds but more comfortable and allow me to hear things around me.

Does it sound like the sound is playing in the room around you? Have you found the placement to be fiddly, or is it pretty easy to get them on / adjusted?

Sounds pretty much like other headphones. They don’t work well in high ambient noise where earbuds do much better. They fit me fine but my wife had trouble finding a model that fit her. Easy on and off even with my glasses. However adding a mask makes it a bit of a pain.