What Change Have You Made Since Working From Home

Hm. Actually €17 (including VAT), which is currently almost $20.

No matter which country in the EU you choose (many have different tax percentages), the final price is always €17…

@bowline Thank you for explaining the AirPlay issue. I already noticed the same behaviour in Sound Control and now know why. What’s nice in Sound Control though is that it can automatically connect to an AirPlay speaker once that gets connected.

I wonder how SoundControl can adjust EQ through AirPlay just for music if (according to Rogue Amoeba) AirPlay is only designed to send all the Mac’s audio. Did you confirm it was working by dramatically changing EQs from SC to test it, and are you sure you aren’t sending all Mac audio including alerts to your Sonos devices?

For me this is a non-issue as I really don’t experience times when I wish I could change the EQ for my HomePod; the device just seems to optimize output in a way I like. The only issue for me is that I might be walking back into my office and I’ll perceive that the sound coming from the iMac’a monitors is conspicuously flat compared to the HomePods and I’ll realize it’s because SoundSource has temporarily been disabled. (Turn off AirPlay casting and SoundSource resumes.) I don’t usually cast throughout the house while I remain in my office so it’s not an annoyance.

I thought it was, but when I execute say Hello on the command line, I hear “Hello” on the AirPlay speakers… :cry:

(PS: I’m not that interested in EQ; just re-routing audio)

EDIT: Maybe not a good test; with other media players (instead of say) it seems to work - so confusing…

FYI Rogue Amoeba just updated SoundSource to v.5, with an improved interface and new features. Still $39, and anyone who purchased a previous version before May can get an upgrade for $19. (More recent buyers upgrade for free.)

Blog post:

Six Colors post about it:

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I read about it. Looks like a good update. Don’t think I really need it, although it seems convenient at times.

It does seem a tiny bit overpriced though.

I upgraded. The ‘boost’ button sound is better, the UI is tighter, but otherwise it seems pretty much like the old version, at least the way I’m using it. (The menubar meter-view and other additions don’t really appeal to me.). But it’s a solid app that I constantly use throughout the day and the upgrade price was low enough to support the dev.

These Google Voice hijinks are yet another reason why I don’t rely on Google services, other than Gmail. I use it for search and Maps too, but I could walk away from either of those at a moment’s notice.

It’s not a matter of spite for me, or principle. It’s just that the services can’t be relied on; Google cancels them or gives them a complete makeover, seemingly on a whim.

I loved Google+. That taught me my lesson.

As for Google Voice: I used to use that for my primary number but that’s when it’s primary mission was to consolidate your work, home and mobile numbers onto a single number. When I started using my iPhone for all three, Google Voice stopped making sense for me.