What do I do with this mail related alert?

What do I do with this mail related alert Which is showing up on my iPhone SE 2020 when using mail.app?

I had several of those on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 when I first installed them. Looks like the CDN didn’t update their certificate, or i/PadOS didn’t recognize the certificates correctly, or just transient errors. I chose “Continue” every time one of these popped up and that snuffed out the warnings.

First thing I could say is do not post the whole host of details on a public space, especially cryptographic keys.


I agree with @anon85228692
But some of the screenshots seem to be of safari?


Thanks @anon41602260. :+1:
As to security, I did not realize I was sharing personal or sensitive information. I’ve now removed all but one graphic