What do I lose going from Safari to Brave?

After looking in to Brave Search I decided to try out Brave again, until Safari can make it the default search engine, but I’ve always wondered if it’s worth it because I like all of the features that are built in to Safari


Autofill 2FA codes sent to SMS.


Does Brave do Tab groups? I’ve come to rely on having those available on all of my devices. Same with Reading List.

I also like being able to be looking at a site on my phone and easily switch to my Mac by just clicking on the additional Safari icon in the dock.

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Kinda adjacent, but I just switched my default iPadOS browser back to Safari. While I am happy with the Firefox browser, the lack of plug-in support is really a drawback. Tried it for a month or so, but it’s just too many restrictions that holds it back from becoming a viable option at this time.

I feel the same way about FireFox. That’s why I am trying Brave again.

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It doesn’t have Tab Groups but I have really gotten into that.

Yes, I’m using tab-groups too - super practical. Found a great Firefox extension for the Mac-version, but of course, those are not available on my iPad.

For me the reason to return to Safari are Keychain-support (over all devices) and bookmark-sync.

Brave does have tab groups (at least the version I’m using 1.38.109 does). Brave is based on chromium so it should have pretty much all features that chromium has.

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Most Chromium-based browsers have tab groups now, including Brave and Edge.

Personally I’d use Edge because of the power management features, I’m seeing a lot better battery life than on Brave with Efficiency Mode turned on. Vertical tabs are cool too.

It might be a stupid question, but why are you not simply putting https://search.brave.com into a bookmark, or even a fixed Tab, on Safari, and keep using Safari with all the benefits?
I think that you even can set up a Keyboard Shortcut, with certain apps, to get to the Brave address, while using the Option-CMD-F.

I’m kind of going down that road. I added the Brave Search page to the Home Screen on my phone and it seems to work alright. I would just like to see Apple add it as an option, such a as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, for the default search engine.

I also find that there are too many sites for my job that don’t work with Safari, but work with Chromium browsers. And I only want to have to use one browser.

If you use a launcher (e.g. Alfred), setting up a custom search there works well too. It’s https://search.brave.com/search?q={query} for Alfred. It’ll open the results page as a new tab in your most recently used window of your default browser.


Interesting. :thinking::thinking::thinking: I’ll have to check that out.