What do these macOS shortcuts actually do?

Hi all – my googling skills appear to be letting me down.

Can someone explain in terms easy enough to understand (it’s been a long week!) what these are supposed to do? I either not triggering them correctly, or their use is so nuanced I’m not even noticing it…

Red arrow >> changing the way Tab moves focus??
Green >> what is a “window drawer”?
Blue >> what are the “status menus”?

Any long time Mac users who have these figured out?

Put the terms in quotes.




Many thanks.

OK, so the “blue arrow” is to get the focus top right of the menu bar – I now know that’s called the “status menus”.
Doesn’t appear to be working this side, possibly because of Barkeeper 3 – but given the latter, I don’t need to use it, and that mystery is solved.

The “red arrow” changes how the Tab key selects either only text fields, or jumps between basically all clickable fields inside a menu window. Had this activated all along, to allow for Tab to jump between all, but didn’t realise this was related.

The “green arrow” had me doing some digging, since I found plenty of sites explaining the shortcut, but not what it actually does.
Finally found a description of the “window drawer” being those pop-out menus that some older(?) Mac apps (like Pathfinder and Nisus Writer Pro) used to use… Haven’t had a need to use one in ages, so it slipped my mind what they were.

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