What do you do for fun?


I do photography. It began as an aspect of my work (documenting projects), but morphed into a hobby that works well with new children, and, now that they’re grown, works well with getting out and getting that step-count up.

Hunting for photographs, training your eye, looking for events and juxtapositions – I find this hobby exercises a different part of my brain and helps me unwind from more typical daily stresses.


Play Stardew Valley on the Switch.


There’s a new game by Chucklefish (company that did Stardew Valley) called Wargroove that is phenomenal.


I have fun projects within my work. Some of those might even get done on the weekend. :slight_smile:


Reading, going out to shop, taking a walk, going to the gym, going for coffee, meeting a friend, playing video games, watching films… there’s a lot of things to do for fun!


This game looks great, Mike. Adding it to my list. By the way, have you played TowerFall?

Also, looking forward to the new Zelda game. Such a great way to unwind. I feel like we need to have Nintendo/gaming as its own category in the forums. :joy:


I have not played TowerFall. BTW, Wargroove via Steam is also available for the Mac! The listing says it’s Windows only, but once you purchase you can download it on a Mac as well. I believe it’s a beta version (which why it’s not listed), but I’ve encountered no issues.



Fresh air in a beautiful environment and you can choose your level of physical activity, from mild (getting to your next shot by riding in a cart) to somewhat vigorous (carry your clubs on your back while walking).


Read the comments on Appleinsider


I have thought about this a lot lately. I can totally see myself getting into golf to give myself regular time to think.