What does iOS/iPadOS 13 break for you?

My FIXD OBD II scanner for my car is not compatible.

Azumio Sleep Time does not work.

Hoping for updates.

How about you all?

I probalby should not say this (knock on wood), but right now nothing… (still on the beta so 13.1.2 - ok now it propted me to go for 13.2 :eyes:)

Deleting apps is much more annoying after iOS 13 update.


Not sure if this is broken, or me not understanding the new approach…

After the roll out of iOS 11/12, I grouped frequently used apps into folders in my dock.
If I now have App 1 full screen, and want to add an app from inside that dock folder as App 2 in split view - I cannot seemingly do that anymore…

If that’s no longer possible, then I guess that something has been broken for me!
Any suggestions how to get that to work - or what the possible workarounds could be?

It’s still possible. Start dragging the second app in the folder, then tap outside the folder using another finger to dismiss the folder. From there it should work the same as if you’d dragged the app directly from the dock.

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Nothing. Only progress and better functionality!

It’s been a bit of a glitch party :tada: on my iPad Pro (first gen) which may have to do with device age. Interestingly, I was getting heavy lag for even basic tapping and app opening which ONLY improved once I stopped using the dynamic wallpapers.

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GameCenter audio. I play something for about 30–45 seconds and audio dies for the whole device, not just the game. Only restart brings back sound.

I’ve noticed lag / sticking on some occasions with my original 12.9” iPad Pro - which is not due to be replaced for about another year.

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Glad to know it isn’t just me, but I don’t like that both of us are probably being pushed into a new device purchase sometime the next year, lol

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… but 13 also made it much easier to delete apps, when looking through the list of apps that needs updating. I :heart: this new workflow very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My automation in HomeKit are not reliable after upgrading my iPad to 13 (all current released versions).

It seems the iPad as control center seems to go into some kind of idle mode at night.
So my automation to turn on my hue lights, when detecting motion does work when my iPad was in use but not at night when I really need it.

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If I hijack my AirPods to be paired with my iPhone the audio balance between left and right channel will be different. It takes one volume change to equalize.

Also copy and pasting is broken in a lot of apps and doing the three finger spread paste gesture is horrible UX on a phone screen.