What e-reading service works best for this pipeline (digital highlights/notes -> Readwise -> Obsidian)?

See the title! Trying to reboot my long dead PKM in Obsidian after being a heavy Evernote user. Did a lot manually with Evernote which was not at all ideal. Hoping to leverage Readwise but curious if Readwise works better or worse with Kindle or Kobo or Apple Books or anything else! Would then love to dump from Readwise into Notion!

Readwise works great with Kindle, probably because both are Amazon.

What do you mean? Was Readwise recently acquired?

Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. I assumed that because I can log in to Readwise with my Amazon credentials, that meant that Amazon owned them.

I will say that I really find Readwise useful. I love the daily review of my highlights in the iPhone app. I appreciate that I can get stuff into Readwise in multiple ways. My newest trick is using the Hypothes.is web annotation tool that can be set up to import into Readwise automatically. And I use the Obsidian Readwise plugin to get my highlights into Obsidian, too, and thence to DevonThink since I index my Obsidian vault. But of all that stuff, the daily highlight review in the Readwise iPhone app is most valuable to me.

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