What email newsletters do you look forward to receiving?

OK, not strictly a ‘Mac’ or ‘Focussed’ question, but I’m interested to hear what my friends here are reading because I’m sure there’s some gems that I’m yet to discover!

Here’s 7 that I enjoy (I have no affiliation with any of them):


great list, some newsletter I am not aware, subcribing to a few. Unfortunately I cannot think of anything I can contribute now. May add that later.

As email? None…

(Though I have “redirected” a few to an RSS feed)

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That’s a good idea

What software or site do you use to do that redirection?

I can highly recommend Kill the Newsletter! (kill-the-newsletter.com). I used to pay for a premium RSS service that let me send incoming email, but this does the job just as well for free.


I use Feedbin, which may be the “premium RSS service” that @TheSeltzerFiend referred to. I started using it as an RSS service, but now I rely on it to handle a lot of communication that used to come to my email inbox (newsletters, for example, both personal and work related) to instead show up in my RSS feed. I find this invaluable, as when I get a lot less email and nearly all of it is directed to me as an individual.

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Since I have lifetime Feedly Pro and email newsletter are (only) part of Pro+ I also use Kill the newsletter!.

Nice list @stevek . I found a few new ones to follow.

Here are a couple of my current favs:

  • I love Ann Handley’s writing style and sense of humor in Total Annarchy
  • I always find interesting articles in Anne Laure Le Cunff’s Maker Mind
  • Nir Eyal sends a weekly collection of enjoyable reads as well.

Neglected to mention The Browser, which is great. Hard to summarize what it is, except to say an esoteric and intellectually stimulating collection of 5 articles/essays, plus a podcast episode and video every day. Even with only 5 texts, I can’t keep up with it, but I’m introduced to a lot of thought provoking content. Highly recommended.

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Shout out to Recommendo, Dense discovery and the Obsidian roundup mentioned above.

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Thank you @Cindy - I just subscribed!

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These are great @MarcMagn1, just subscribed to them too.

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just stumpled onto Farnam Street, but not sure how it is. Anyone here reading it?

Most of the newsletters I look forward to are actually not tech-related:

  • Off the Charts from The Economist - how The Economist does data journalism
  • Cover Story, also from The Economist - how The Economist designs and decides on its weekly cover - interesting to see the thought process behind each week’s selection
  • Some of Craig Mod’s newsletters on walking and publishing
  • The TidBITS weekly newsletters
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Yes, some quality insights in this one. Good suggestion @fuzzygel, I’d forgotten about it!