What got the WWDC Podcast Recap thread closed?

I dont usually see ismh popping in to close a thread because he thinks “it has run its course”.


[NOT criticizing. Just curious because it seems rare to close a thread for this reason.]

The original purpose of the topic had little to do with guns. It was most likely closed for veering off-topic.

only a couple of people were talking about guns… it did evolve into a conversation about podcasts though which should be fine. other threads veer off but I dont see them getting closed.

as I said, interesting…

You’re the one that said wwdc was a nothingburger, right? So maybe the thread went off the rails cuz there wasn’t enough interesting content to discuss. I love that word btw.

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luckily it evolved into a critique of podcasts. I learned of at least one new podcast in that thread. sad to see it go. :grinning:

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You know it’s always been bad form to open new threads to criticize moderation decisions, whatever they are, since the dawn of the Internet, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


I have reported this thread for being off-topic/irrelevant. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, like this thread is the only one that fits that description, haha.


He closed a thread before because it was talking about podcasting people and wasn’t always positive (although hardly anything bad). I think this was the same reason.

Threads go off topic all the time, so that doesn’t seem to be a reason to close them.

It’s him forum, and I am free to leave, but that seems like bad form closing a thread without stating a reason.


not criticizing. I only asked a question because it seems to be a rare occurence.

yeah thats possible too. I tried to delete this thread but it wont let me. I flagged this thread as offtopic and got a reward.

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Several long threads have been closed for veering off topic. This isn’t the kind of forum where people go right up to the policy line just because they can, so a less than thorough explanation is fine. We can figure it out. :slight_smile:

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Obviously we can’t. :stuck_out_tongue:


Questioning moderation is in the same ballpark. It is better done in private. On less civilized communities, such threads always spiral out of control.

I have been on a lot of forums, and that is almost never the case. Usually, if someone had a problem with something, others do as well and the community has a right to know. Inconsistent or over moderation can destroy forums as well.

Then again it depends on the forum, I go to one currently and what the owner says goes. If you don’t like it, leave. He (or a mod) still explains his actions if questioned, but that forum tends to be lightly moderated.

If posts get locked for going off topic, it should be made clear so people know in the future. Which I hope is not the case.


Going from WWDC coverage to conversations about guns seemed like a clear reason to lock it.


I disagree, but it’s your forum, so whatever.


Not sure about the wisdom of adding another voice but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the meandering kooky quality of that WWDC post that got locked. I didn’t like the gun talk at all (but they aren’t part of my culture), but I so enjoyed following the ideas, the playfulness, the earnestness, the sense of discovery that can happen in a thread that is wandering or even getting a bit lost. It feels to me as if sometimes that’s where some gold lies (a bit like Rebecca Solnit describes in A Field Guide to Getting Lost). I’m not overly concerned that the thread got closed (it is what it is), but sometimes in those rambling threads I start to get a sense of this community in a way I don’t when it’s all ‘on track’. So thanks all for the chatter. Simon


Well when the thread is locked through no fault of the starter, it’s good if everyone knows why so the same mistake doesn’t get made again.