What Happens to High Sierra

Within all the posts about Catalina (and Mojave), I don’t remember seeing anything about what will happen with High Sierra. I have a 2011Mac Mini that I use as a home computer, and it’s “stuck” at High Sierra. It works very well for what I need it to do, and I don’t want to move to a later version until I absolutely have to.

I know Apple will continue to support HS for a reasonable amount of time, but:
What features, if any, will HS get from Mojave and Catalina? For example, I see a lot about a new and improved Safari in Catalina. Will that run on HS?
Will 32-bit apps continue to run on HS?
What other thoughts does anyone have about this issue?



Being one version removed from the latest, I wouldn’t expect High Sierra to receive Safari improvements. HS will continue to run as it always has, complete with 32-bit apps.

This will be the last cycle for security updates for it, more than likely. Apple generally supports the current OS, then back two. When Catalina is replaced, HS will drop off the security update train.

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I’ve found the following links helpful in supporting old hardware/software. I’ve never found anything on Apple that would specifically answer your questions.

The “Vintage and obsolete products” list is a little weird. It’s often the case with Macs that they are beyond the scope of Apple’s official hardware repair but are still perfectly viable machines that run the latest macOS.

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But Sierra just got security updates & latest Safari in July - so presumably HS will get updates for the next year or so right? Not new features, but security?