What I don't like about Monterey

  • I’m disappointed that Safari 15’s rounded tabs and color at the top of the browser went away in Monterey, unless I adopt the nearly unusable compact mode.
  • Have not yet found the battery charge level change options that exist in Shortcuts for iOS.
  • Purple and rose desktop background, although I’m sure someone has said to themselves, “Finally, a purple and rose desktop background in macOS!” :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the first thing I tried to change. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to change the wallpaper of my M1 MBA. Reboot, try, log out, try again, etc. Eventually it will let me. I’m about to field test the new erase function :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’m rocking this nice blue background now macOS-Monterey-wallpaper-Light-Blue.jpg 6,016×6,016 pixels


You can change the wallpaper very easily. I was just getting ready to change it. I like it but it is a little bright.

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I am really liking the Monterey wallpaper. I often use plain black or blue, though, so everyone should probably be glad they disagree with my visual taste.

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Figured lots would like the Monterey desktop background. For me, it’s only a small problem, easily fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I leave Ubuntu running in a VMware virtual machine and leave my iMac Pro for a while, it usually crashes and is off when I come back. When I report the crash, there is no panic information available.
At least, I think it’s because of the VM.

As of now, the iPhone rings through to the Mac even with the Silence Unknown Callers setting turned on.