What is the best way to showcase an app?

I am introducing a new app for our community, covering things like how to register, make an account, book appointments, add your family, sign up for sports classes. Explaining the difference between classes and courses (not academic, all recreational).

I am planning on releasing it our New Year’s Eve Performance at church.

Idea # 1 - Treat it like a keynote, speak, while either I or someone does all the features of the app on a big screen.

Idea # 2 - Record a video explaining everything and have everyone watch that in-between performances.

Suggestions for either workflow?

Loom video would be great IMO.

I’d do it live and record it for sharing straight after.

But you have to be confident you can do it without any mistakes, and also that you can do it without waffling


in my modest opinion, the most appropriate thing is to do it live, not more than 5 max 10 min. It’s a NY party at the end, and people will not be interested in a 45 min speech. To take the most of it, I’d say using some slides and focusing on the main features, strict to the point. At the end of the presentation, you can give some brochures or invite them to download it.

Hope it helps!