What is the line on Fantastical watch complication?

Can anyone tell me what the horizontal line on the Fantastical modular middle watch complication represents? I suppose it is something about events left on the calendar for the day, but it seems like it never really changes. Mine always looks like a progress bar about 98% done.

It is some kind of progress bar, but I have no idea how Flexibits measures the progress. Given the fact that it only shows the date with this weird bar, I am not using it because I see it as a waste of space on the watch. :slight_smile:

When I am using the big watch complication, I tend to use “appointments and reminders (details)”. But even with that: I am not impressed with the complication and the not very timely sync.

Fantastical on the watch is not the reason, why I am paying for it. :blush: There is a lot of room for improvement. The syncing feels like being stuck in the old days. Cultured Code has shown with Things what is possible with regards to syncing on the watch these days - not to mention Apple’s stock apps.

On the round one it’s based on how many events you have left. Here’s it showing I’ve endured 3/9 of my appointments (33%) vs. 3/12 (25%.)

My horizontal modular view with task and event details doesn’t show a horizontal bar, and I can’t figure out why after viewing settings. There’s a vertical bar that’s just decorative (matches the height of the next event information.)

(Also, I just put my watch on, so just ignore those activity counts, haha.)



This is the one. You can see it if you use the modular watchface, with Fantastical being set to date for the big complication.

Ah, okay. I do have that. I thought you all were seeing it in the more detailed modular view. Here’s my typical modular Fantastical complication and the one that matches yours. Since it’s in an identical position, I suppose it must be decorative. On the other hand, the filled in portion of the bar hides when the watch is in its always-on display…


Heard back from Flexibits on this bar:

I checked with our team on this and they let me know that it is actually a progress bar for how far through the month you are. However, we have made some changes here and starting with the next Fantastical update the bar will no longer be shown in this specific watch face/complication :slight_smile:

I guess that means we’re all using good ol’ Gregorian…


This remembers me on an old joke, we told each other when attending the University:

A sleepy student is showing up in the University and asking a clerk about the time.
He answered: It is 3 in the afternoon.
And the student replied, I just wanted to now, if we have the Summer or the Winter term…


Thanks for the responses, and thanks for even asking Flexibits about it! I actually kinda like the idea of the year line, but I guess I won’t get attached to it if it’s going away! In general, I’m finding watch complications a little frustrating. As you say, @Christian , other than Apples own complications, they are often so slow to update that they often provide useless, out of date information. I love the watch, but it feels like it could be so much more!

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I’m hoping for significant improvements in complication processing and update budget for third party apps when they finally bump the watch processor speed next year. Fantastical’s own complication has been keeping itself up to date for me, though. My main complaint is that the logic about when to show the next even and when to show “enjoy your day!” is a little rough compared to the Calendar complication.