What is this piece of hardware?

What is this piece of hardware and its benefits?

Elgato Stream Deck, looks like. It’s a handy way to open apps and run automations from a customizable keypad (down to the images you select for the buttons.) Lots of fans here.


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We have an upcoming episode on the very device!


Anyone use the iPhone / mobile version of this app with any success? Gripes? These devices seem extremely efficient and I’m thinking about how I can use this for automation at work. I’d like to try out the app before plunking down the cash on a actual physical configuration, wondering what others have experienced.

Thank you all. I look forward to hearing all about this product at your upcoming podcast @ismh

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The one thing I can’t live without!

32 buttons and 20 profiles and counting …

I shared this picture several months ago, but I still love it! Comes in three sizes!


I have TouchPortal which is similar and I like it, using on an old iPad Air2 much cheaper option :slight_smile:

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Wow: Dual Stream Deck XL Stand | Etsy


Adds the following task to Things:

Find a way to mute the word “streamdeck” on MPU Forums

I must resist… I like a clean minimalist desk and have no need for this.


Makes me think of Taran from Linus Media Group!

I think more recent videos have shown him with about three or four keyboards.

resistance is futile… you will be assimilated…


Just wonder what hobby I need to pick up to justify that…

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Elgato have just announced a Stream Deck Pedal which also looks very tempting.


The Stream Deck is a very very useful device!
Saves me around 30 minutes each day replying to emails and declining/accepting meetings
(auto actions via KM macros)

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I’m intrigued by the Elgato pedal. Pedals are kind of a backwater so they shouldn’t have trouble standing out if they integrate hardware, software and ergonomics correctly. The grip of the feet is going to be a big deal. It’s almost 2 lbs and even 2.5-3lb pedals can have trouble staying put during periods of intense performance.

cool, even if just used for mic mute on/off and camera on/off and put a loud fart sound under the middle so you know clearly when you’ve got it wrong …

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Streamdeck when paired with Keyboard Maestro is an insane combination.

For example, I have a StreamDeck button that acts as a ‘break’ timer. I use Keyboard Maestro to calculate idle time /etc… and update the button’s icon with a progress bar (this is what it looks like RIGHT NOW)… when it hits zero, it beeps my Mac, and tells me to get up. Then ‘recharges’ as long as I’m idle.


Keyboard Maestro’s ability to draw onto images and update the icon is GAME CHANGING


What a great idea! I’d love to see how you did that. Do you have a short manual?

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