What is "ugly" software?

I have 1A Writer on my Mac so those fonts should be available to me. I hate to ask but how do I install those for Obsidian?

Which part? The theme or the snippets or the fonts?

Sorry, snippets and fonts. :grinning:

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So for the fonts, you’ll want to verify that they’re enabled in Font Book.app. For them to show up in Obsidian the snippets will take care of that.

In your vault, there’s a hidden folder .obsidian (in finder you may need to hit cmd + shift + . )

Within that you’ll need to add a snippets folder if it doesn’t already exist. In there you’ll want to add the css files I added earlier.

Once they are there, in the Obsidian preferences > Appearance there’s a Snippets section. You’ll need to toggle on (and possibly refresh the list) each file.

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Thanks. I appreciate that information. I’ll see if I can get this done. :grinning:

Oh yes!.. Fujitsu and Logitech make great hardware but completely suck in software (i.e. bloatware)

I solved the Fujitsu problem by installing ExactScan Pro, which has served me well.

For Logitech I am using native drivers for now even when it means some special settings don’t work


A question about ExactScan Pro with ScanSnap scanners (I’m really not a fan of the Fujitsu software either): can you start scanning by pressing the button on the scanner just like with the official suite?

That is actually my problem with Obsidian. It’s not ugly, but I find it uninspired. I like being delighted by an app, by what it looks like, and how easily I can use its basic functions. This is also why I’m not attracted to Notion because it tries to do too much and can’t figure out the most basic stuff without reading the manual.

Compared to Ulysses, I can get inspired just looking at the app while slowly learning the pro feature as I keep using it.

For me, it’s beautiful when I can’t figure out why it’s a “nice app.” That’s the magic of the app when UX and UI work well that I am delighted as a user to keep using it every day.


So weird you posted this as I came across it last night while going through their discourse.

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I’ve been enjoying their community. Everyone’s so eager to get the CSS right and make new plugins and find the right way to take notes. It’s a fun energy to be a part of.


As strange as it seems, changing the theme to California Coast made a big difference in the usability of Obsidian. Things are easier to spot and manipulate, it looks great. Thanks again for the assistance!


I completely agree! That’s part of what has kept me using it.

That makes me feel better! I thought it seemed “shallow” to have the GUI affect me as much as it was regarding the usefulness of Obsidian! So, either I’m not shallow or we both are! :laughing:

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I really like the California Coast theme. I should’ve previewed all the potential themes back when I first went through the directory. The thumbnails don’t do them justice aside from showing which are garish (garish is totally cool, just not for me!)


Interested in the ExactScan software. Have you run into any issues with it? Anything that it can’t do as opposed to the Fujitsu software? How is the OCR capability? I’m still using an old S1500 scanner that Fujitsu barely supports.

Ugly fails to do the job I hired it for. Ugly does notuse the same mental models I have about how my data should be stored, how I should unteract with it and how I edit and update it. Ugly is simple Software that I outgrow in a year or 2. Ugly can have a great and pretty UI but if it doesn’t function for me it’s ugly.

Beautiful software thinks about the work with a model that coincides with my own mental models of data and the world. Beautiful software can grow with me as I peel back layers of sophistication like an onion as my needs and skills change. Beautiful software is often difficult to learn but once you grok the work through its lens your data nd how you interact with it are forever changed in ways that improve your thinking. Beautiful software can be quirky, have lots of cosmetic failures but still be beautiful because it functions well.

Obsidian is an excellent example of beautiful software, As was DEVONThink until it lost critical data.

As long as I can learn it I rarely care much about the mechanics of the user interface. In particular things like too much white space, small fonts, no clear distinction in color or font size between various levels of the structure make software ugly to me.

Beauty allows me to customize if I want to but does not require it. Ugly forces me into a mode that may or may not agree with how I think and work.


This! Exactly. Function over form.

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Yes you can scan by pressing the blue light.

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Great, thank you! (20 characters)

ExactScan has can be bought with and without ORCKit. Since I had OCRKit from before - I did not buy the bundled version. I use hazel to OCR “contentless” files (using my previously purchased OCRKit)- this seems to work fine.

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