What is your favorite app that is no longer available?

OmniGraphSketcher - A perfect little app for making quick graphs to plot points and line graphs. You could transform straight lines into spline curves, add text, shade area under curves, etc.

Broke with High Sierra. :frowning_face:


:frowning: very sad. Hope someone brings out something as good or maybe someone could purchase and still develop it?!

UserLand Frontier (it never made the jump to Intel binaries - just an amazing powerhouse)

Command-C was kind of awesome


I’m sure the developer gave up after Apple introduced native clipboard sharing but as that post shows it had a URL scheme that could do so much more.

Aldus PageMaker, FreeHand

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Aperture. Still using it with over 250,000 stored images and trembling about switching to anything different.


Sniff. Yes. Sniff. Good programs.

Where to begin… technically, these apps are still available, but they are either not being updated anymore, or are just in “maintenance mode”, updated just enough not to crash.

  • Quicksilver
  • VoodooPad (Possibly signs of life?)
  • Yojimbo
  • Delicious Library (Loved this when it first came out)
  • Circus Ponies Notebook (Actually dead, as someone already pointed out)
  • OmniWeb (Workspaces, loved that feature, and side tabs, a proper Mac browser)

Loved these apps way back when.

CircusPonies. :disappointed_relieved:

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Can Quicktime count? That was one of the programs that blew my mind before I’d ever owned or even used a Mac. A buddy used it to edit some video we’d shot earlier in the day and I was astounded. And there’s so much more that it did besides basic video editing.

I mean I know it’s still around but is it really?

I really miss OmniWeb. There are nightly builds, but too many problems to use with the newer macOS.

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I found it getting unreliable a couple of years ago and switched to MPEG Streamclip. However that is a 32-bit Application and may be dead after Mojave since it hasn’t been updated in years. (Note I’m running Sierra, so as far as I know it doesn’t run on High Sierra or Mojave!)

ActionMethod by Behance. It’s the first app that helped me actually get things done. They still have an analog system available, but I never tried it.

HyperCard. I used it to make a lot of very useful (and mostly very ugly) utilities. I didn’t start using it until about 1998, after Apple had already unofficially abandoned it, but I used it constantly, and it taught me to expect a computer to work the way I wanted it to.


Aperture is at the top of my list. I had to stop using it for new images because the import function had gotten so flaky, but I’ve got almost a decade of images stored in it. I know that I need to get them out but there are still things that it does better than Lightroom.

I still have fond memories of MacDraw but that’s been gone so long that I can’t claim any muscle memory for it at this point.

23 Matches on the TRS-80. :wink:

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CircusPonies. Structured my PhD Thesis in it. Those were days :slight_smile: However, I can see why it went downhill - a bit buggy, very dated look&fill. Still a unique app.

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HyperCard :heart:! In the early 90s my boss and I had made several HyperCard stacks from work productivity to silly little programs.


It can still be played on the TRS-80 emulator.


Definitely Aperture. I switched over to Lightroom last year and it’s just not as enjoyable to use.

From my old PC days:

  • GeoWorks (Windows-like environment with app suite that ran awesome on my 286)
  • Lotus Magellan (file manager)