What is your favourite podcast app in 2022 and why

  • castro
  • downcast
  • overcast
  • pocketcast
  • Apple podcast
  • Spotify
  • others

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not sure how to include in the poll but good to know the reason for selecting the preferred app

I voted for pocket cast as it can sync to Android phone but I am not sure whether it is the only app that can do that. I also consider that the other features of podcast are just as good as other apps.

I know I mentioned that I’m using Castro in another thread, and that’s true — right now. I’m primarily a Pocket Casts guy though, so they won my vote. Without getting into a 12 page opus on my podcast app experiences, I’ll try to sum things up quickly.

Pocket Casts - Available on many platforms, trim silence (I use MAX), voice boost (I rarely use), great Apple Watch app, iPad app, best web app of the big 3. My main app for podcasts

Castro - also has enhance voices, trim silence and has features similar to Pocket Casts. The KILLER FEATURE though — chapter pre-selection. If there is a podcast with chapters (ATP, MPU) I can determine which chapters I want to listen to. This can be used to skip ads, and any chapters that I may not be interested in. It saves me having to take my phone out of my pocket every 10 mins to skip ahead.

Overcast — I never really jived with this app. The design is not my thing, I don’t use playlists, and the couple of times I tried it I can’t get it to keep playing after a show ends. It sounds the best of the three but I really don’t like that the UI on the player screen is only half the screen, and yeah — it fits my flow the worst of the 3 apps.

There’s a few reasons I don’t use Castro full time and keep going between it and Pocket Casts. Castro’s watch app is very hit and miss. On their Twitter acct (which seems to be virtually inactive lately), they did mention at one point that the watch app is broken and the guy who wrote that part of the app is gone so, no fixes anytime soon. Kind of a bummer for the odd times I want to jog outside with my watch only.

But yeah, that chapter pre-selection and their queuing system is really working for me lately. Add an episode to a list and go, nothing to it.

I prefer the aesthetics of Pocket Casts and Castro, but as far as functionality goes, I lean toward Overcast.

#1 caveat: I’m not a big playlist person. I like to just see a list of podcasts and be able to jump in and select an episode.

But why Overcast?

  1. Sync is the most reliable. (Castro doesn’t have sync yet).
  2. I can clip sections of a podcast and save into Day One or just to my file system for later reference. (Pocket Casts doesn’t support this and Castro does, but again, no cross device sync).

If Pocket Casts did a better job of syncing and allowed me to export clipped audio files of podcasts, or whenever Castro gets syncing, I likely will jump ship.


Downcast because it allows the download of premium podcasts behind a paywall.


this is interesting. Is there any paid subscription that you would recommend ?

The couple of premium podcasts I listen to are industry-specific, not for public consumption. Prior to adding these podcasts to my listening, I used Overcast. You are supposed to be able to access password-protected feeds by entering your credentials into the URL for the feed. I couldn’t get it to work. When I contacted the podcast producer for assistance, he simply replied, “use Downcast. “ I did, and it worked. :slight_smile:

got it, thank you @celler

Can we all just take a minor win and acknowledge the fact no one has voted Spotify yet. :rofl:


I’m using the Apple Podcast app again. I frequently listen to podcasts while walking and it seems to work best with Siri.


A close call, but I voted Overcast instead of Castro. I switch between them every year or so, it seems. I picked Overcast because the audio sounds better at increased playback speeds.

I prefer Pocketcast but also use Apple Podcasts via Apple TV.

If the app cant support video podcasts then it is of no use to me.

Castro for the inbox triage (and auto-triage per feed) and chapter unselect. I’m able to subscribe to a lot more shows and listen to the best of everything that interests me without becoming overwhelmed—pretty nice.


Overcast. I was considering trying Castro till I read just now in this very thread that the Watch app is broken in Castro. I jog with just my watch all the time, and Overcast is great for that.

Overcast also does make everything sound very, very good, to the point that I’m shocked every time I hear Apple’s apps. And since 99% of the time, my interaction is based on just listening to audio, that works well for me.

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My vote went to Overcast. That is my only player and she never gave me reason to look elsewhere :slight_smile:

Pocketcasts… It has good playlist features, supports chapters, trim silence, voice boost, good control over what downloads. It also supports custom podcast URLs.

I also use its file feature… where I can add an MP3 file to listen to later. Great for listening to audiobooks or lectures I’ve sourced as it obviously tracks last listened position too.

Overall its reliable and usable. I’ve not felt the need to look elsewhere. I did briefly try the Apple Podcasts app but didn’t like the interface and found its functionality limited.

Overcast because I took a shine to it when it was launched and I’ve really had no reason to stop using it. I pay for it, too.

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I voted Castro. Best design, and I like the watch app and CarPlay versions. Awaiting that sync engine to be built for iPad and Mac functionality. Overcast design is not my thing, but I have used it over the years because it has a pretty good sync feature. Apple podcasts is just confusing to use, and needs an overhaul.

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I think Smart Speed is what sold me on it. I’ve never had a reason to try anything else.


I like Overcast mainly for the easy access jump forward/rewind buttons in the main play window and also the very good speed control (with many choices between 1x and 2x) to easily work with the speakers talking speed.

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