What is your favourite podcast app in 2022 and why

Like you, I was a long time Overcast user. But I had more & more blips using Overcast.
I love listening while driving and it got wonky with me I’d have to pullover, shut down and reopen the app—when you are driving, who wants to do that??
So I went to Apple podcasts. It’s great for CarPlay playback. Like everything else I use with Apple supported apps like Reminders, it’s weird finding things easily despite playlists.
For CarPlay I’m very happy with Apple’s version. For listening at home I’m not so sure.

I’ve used PocketCasts for years and love it to death.

Didn’t like Castro and Overcast has a subscription and an interface that didn’t go well with me.

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Overcast. Originally because it was multi platform but, once I had used it, for the App Watch app and the range of settings.

Hmmm. I’m not sure I understand. I’m using Overcast on the Mac and can play, pause, rewind, fast forward using my keyboard keys.

I generally prefer Apple’s Podcast app in day-to-day use. I’ve got “stations” set-up for various categories. Generally find it works very well.

I only use Overcast for podcast transcripts because it rewinds a second or two when resuming play after pausing.

And I use Pocket Casts at night when Air playing to HomePods because it allows for setting a sleep timer. When Air playing from the Apple Podcast app the HomePods take over and don’t allow for a sleep timer.

So, uh … You’re right. Is this new in the latest update? Because, I swear, I have tried on the last 3 macs I’ve used going back the last year and it’s never worked.

This is awesome.

You know, it may be new. I’ve only been using it on the Mac for a couple weeks so never tried previous versions.

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