What Little Things Have Brought You Joy?

Not the one requested but here’s a barely still puppy (10 months) getting a spring grooming.


I have 3:

  1. An automation for my downstairs hue lights. They automatically turn on at sunset and then turn off at 11pm. When they turn off, that’s my reminder that I should go to bed since the rest of the house is going to sleep too.

  2. A shortcut titled, “On my way home”. It calculates the time it will take for me to drive home from my current location then sends a text message to my wife saying “I will be home in xx minutes” then asks me if I want to listen to a Overcast or Audible. It will then launch the app I choose.

  3. Another shortcut for the car: When I connect to Carplay, it turns off my wifi and launches any apps I want running before I start driving. Having wifi off solves that problem of being connected to wifi but too far for a decent signal while you are pulling out of your driveway and trying to get directions to a destination. When I disconnect from carplay, the shortcut turns wifi back on and then launches my SiriusXM app so I can continue listening to a channel.


Aforementioned puppy, who loves new MacBook Pro too :rofl:


Adorable, aardy! I have a new kitty who loves walking on my laptop! What’s your pooch’s name? It may have been in your post and I missed it!

A spring grooming would bring me joy.

Just what I need. Can you share that?

Edit: Probably want rather than need. :slight_smile:

A few that I experience daily with the MBP - nothing life changing, but a real joy to use coming from the i9:

  • A keyboard with real travel and fairly satisfying actuation
  • IDEs with deep black background thanks to the Mini LED display
  • Trackpad with texture that offers just the right resistance
  • Palm rest that never gets hot
  • Stupid fast parallel processing
  • Data rows just load and load without stuttering when I flick the scroll wheel
  • And the MX Master 3 scroll wheel is just so nice to flick around
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Well, for me it’s the ‘touch’ command on Linux/Unix. 20 years ago installed Linux and was thrilled at the speed of writing, when I could just create a file with the ‘touch’ command. I felt like creating at lightning speed. I have missed it ever since. I would love an app that does it. Just lets you type away and create the file by itself, just letting me get the next idea down on paper (so to say).

Another thing was the first time I watched the psychedelic circles on iTunes. That was a transcendental moment.

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Welcome. There may be away to bring a little joy back into your life. :slight_smile:

The ‘touch’ command is available in macOS via the Terminal.

In macOS 12.x, Monterey, a hot corner can be set to popup the Notes application. I have it set to the lower right corner.

Brett Terpstra’s nvALT app may be what you are looking for (form his site): “Notational Velocity is a way to take notes quickly and effortlessly using just your keyboard. You press a shortcut to bring up the window and just start typing.” It is free, although donations are accepted.

Have fun!

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Meross garage door opener and Aqara sensors have changed my life!


“Can I have a turn?”


Her name is Lola (Rose) :slight_smile:


Thanks for this tip — I’m going to have to give it a try. Lately my MyQ garage door opener doesn’t want to respond when I get home. I press the control in CarPlay (the opener’s connected to HomeKit via Homebridge), and nothing happens.

But if I pull back around and park directly in front of my apartment so that I can connect to my WiFi, everything works.

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Wow, thank you!

I’ll try all these and yes, I’ll have fun!!!

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I’ve been trying an experiement to reduce the need to run the AC so much this summer by upgrading my ceiling fans to efficient DC models with good airflow. I struggled to get a couple of fans going well (they’re smart) because the canopy modules keep having issues. A few weeks ago in frustration I orderd the Kichler Imari fan hoping its install would be smoother. Well it installed like a dream and it pushed air very well. I can go from feeling hot to needing a blanket in a couple of minutes. The in-wall control worked from the start but it made setting up with the Bond Pro Bridge difficult so today i’ve got the handheld remote out for delivery which will make it easy for me to open my phone and control the fan if I want (yes I know I have the hand held remote but the eventual goal is to control everything one one app) . So far i’m happy for such a mundane thing.


Hey, fellow *nix veteran here. Way back in the before times I was a Linux & BSD user. Loaded every version I could think of on this little IBM box I had. Then one day I was reading through a magazine and saw this ad and knew immediately I was going to have to get a Mac. I never lost touch because I never stopped using my Mac as the Unix box that it is. The Terminal has a permanent spot in my Dock, right next to BBEdit (which won out over a long, drawn out fight with Vim due to keyboard shortcuts matching the rest of the Mac environment).

Knowing I can drop down to the terminal whenever I need to take advantage of Unix tools brings me joy. And also a career.

Better Touch Tool as you all likely know is so excellent! Also the new Airplay to Mac feature is great. Mac Mini connected to stereo = audio goodness from any macOS/iOS source!

In the terminal you can also use the cat command to create a file on the fly:
cat >> myFile.txt
After that, anything you type including new lines will go into the file until you press ctrl-c or a new line then ctrl-d. The file will be created if it doesn’t exist or appended to it, if it does exist.

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This isn’t a small thing per se, but it brings me joy every day, so I thought I’d post it here.

I placed a motion sensor outside of our main bedroom. Then I authored a Home app automation to turn our house lights at a very dim level whenever motion is detected at night. So now, we have a whole home nightlight, which is nice. But it gets better.

When we walk out of our room in the morning, another Home automation is triggered that sets the lights in the house to the right brightness to support our morning routines. The automation also turns on the coffee maker and fireplace.

This “simple” automation brings me a good measure of joy every morning.


One thing I didn’t think of before, but realized tonight that I love: we set up smart lights switches, as I’ve mentioned before. If we’re out at night, when we come back, an automation detects that we are near our house and automatically turns on a light by the foyer so we can see when we walk in our house. Super handy, particularly for groceries in the dark winter months. Makes me happy and I never have to think about it.

I also mentioned to a client today that Mailgun makes me happy. Super easy, reliable email automation for websites. I never think about it till a client asks how to do it.

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