What Mac will I need? Can folk on this forum help me? Will an Air meet my needs?

You made me think about it though, I don’t think I would be happy with a small screen! I think it will be a 27" now and iPhone and applewatch on the go so to speak. One reason I asked here was that I felt the macbook pro is now too expensive to replace my current one with, I could do it but I felt the price too high especially given concerns about the keyboard, touchbar that is meh according to most and the limited power needs I have.
However your point made me really think and I would say has been a deciding factor. I might revisit depending on what is around when this mac fails on me for whatever reason. However I am pretty sure I am not going smaller than 15 " for a screen. I read a lot on kindle but that is kind of different? more like a paperback. I am as lucky as you and I suspect I might end up running an iMac alongside this MacBook Pro as long as it holds out. It is nice to be as lucky as us rms.
Oh and I realized thanks to the imputs here, thanks guys, is that as regards lightness and thinness my MacBook Pro mid 2014 is light and thin enough. As @MacExpert implies, if I want light and thin I would go ios. With your help I realize that weight and thinness is, past a certain point pretty secondary to me.


I take seriously what people on this site say. On the basis of what you say, I am again pushed towards the iMac. If you always dock it and connect to montiors you may as well have a desktop, I assume portablility between work and home is the issue? It is intersting how many factors affect one’s choice. Thanks for the imput, I only noticed your post today.

Yes, I use the Pro to carry my work environment back and forth between home and work. Next time around I may opt to use a Mini for this, given that I have an Air for my notebook/travel needs.

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I find that the 2018 MacBook Air (8GB, ugh!) which work gave me is underpowered for the nerd tools I have installed. I think work did not expect a power user here and my job role does not qualify me for a MacBook Pro. Often, the Air is crawling with CPU hovering above 50% due to CrashPlan (ugh!), a heavy email client (vomit), Box Sync and another java base chat client. When I run Keyboard Maestro macro, it’s not as snappy as I’d like.

So, I have been entertaining thoughts of getting a used trashcan Mac Pro, which is small enough to sit on my desk unassumingly. I think Box Sync can get all my files synced, so if I need to run to a meeting, the Air will serve me well but when I am back to my desk, with all my files sync, I can chuck aside the Air and enjoy the Mac Pro experience (I hope a 2013 Xeon will still give me a comparatively excellent performance boost vs a modernish Core i5 in the Air, although I am not sure if the single core performance of a 6 year old processor will be any good… maybe I am just fantasizing)… anyway, I am in the same predicament as you are and will be interested how it turns out for you, although, there’s no way I am going to get a iMac Pro just for work and a Mac mini doesn’t cut it for me.

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Thanks, that was useful, there was no way I was going to contemplate 8GB on anything; @MacExpert said that in one of the first comments here and clarified the point as you have I think?.
Do you think your issues with the Air would be likely solved if you had 16GB? It would be interesting to me to know what you think of that. Your point about KM was interesting too: I would not want that to be anything less than snappy, I have my snippets on there as well as other stuff now.

I have started to wonder if, with my power tools loaded, I have bigger power needs than my basic set of tools would suggest? I am sure MacExpert is right but other considerations have kicked in and what you are saying is another push really away from the Air. I will let you know what happens for sure, I won’t forget.

As of today, Tuesday, August 27, 2019, I am really thinking more of a iMac with 16GB and solid state memory not fusion drive, to which I will never return, or just to replace my 15" MacBook Pro when this one finally croaks. Much of my thinking promted by advice I got here: it has been invaluable in getting me to think through the matter. I have astonishingly small storage requirements. I work with text files and pdfs almost exclusively; even most lectures and so on I have in audio is now streamable, I don’t need to store them. I don’t even keep many photos, I use them for noting things, showing stuff to folk, but I delete them when I am done usually and for personal life, meh: I am not a photo guy, maybe 5 a year I keep. I only really need the 258 GB drive.