What made that @!#$@#$% noise?

I would like very much to have a menu bar control, app, or something that would let me know which program made the last annoying noise that I heard from my computer.
This time it was Discord ‘bonking’ about something that could have waited.

I’m looking forward to Focus modes in Monterey, but don’t want the beta risk on my main machine.

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Perhaps, turn off the sound?

Might be watching a video…
Or listening to mynoise.net
Or need to hear an alert.

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Yes, true. Bummer.

Is this something that the settings for the Notification center might address? Forbid notifications from the Discord app, maybe?

Soundbunny use to do what you want, but that was a while ago and I think the app went south.

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Thanks. Yeah, actually Notifications lists all the annoyances an application can use.
I’ll make myself a note to turn sounds off for most everything.

Edit: wasn’t that bad. Down arrow and click, down arrow and click.

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Idea for a new Rogue Amoeba product, maybe?

SoundSource can help greatly with this problem.