What office chair is everyone using?


I use this one, since last year: https://www.needforseat.de/pro-chief-bwe-156?c=72#d92cd4f321ede922a6601aedf2b7edd0

It is ok. I am going to buy a chair with more support for my lower back, if i buy the next one.


Gesture chair (Steelcase).

Gesture by Steelcase


I have a Steelcase Gesture.


As a budget oriented Swede, I use the IKEA Långfjäll.

I love the way it looks and find it comfortable enough for a home office where I occasionally work.


I looked this up on the USA site and it’s a at least slightly different chair here. Ours has casters. IKEA Långfjäll


You can actually choose whether you want casters or not. The same goes for arm rests and the height of the back support. Same chair, different configurations. Without casters it’s a bit cheaper, too.

This is mine, at the US site: link


I need to replace the piston on mine as well. Is the new piston holding up well? Did you get it from HM or is there a less expensive replacement?


I’m struggling with a need to replace my chair too. I’ve had the current one about 25 years and I have no clue who made it. I know it was an expensive office chair when bought but there are no marking son it to identify it.

My problem is our desk is a built-in made from cpuntertop material. It is designed so that a standard 2 drawer file cabinet fits underneath. That makes the surface about 3 inches higher than normal so I need a chair that goes up taller than a typical office chair. Lab chairs are close but often don’t go down far enough. I use a foot rest so that my feet are supported so that is not an issue.

Any suggestions?


I use a vintage bankers chair (in photo on right) I found off craigslist. I had to take it to someone to replace one of the railings and put in new wheels b/c the old ones were falling apart. It’s perfect.

Note, the chair foregrounded on the left, also a bankers chair (and my great grandfather’s at that), is awesome and beautiful but not at all comfortable.


@beck Nice looking office!

I’ve been using memory foam chair I bought from Staples for a few hundred bucks back when I was at “the firm”. One of the few things I took with me when I left. Fortunately, I’ve never fallen down the “fancy expensive” chair rabbit hole.


One at home, one at work, bought 15+ years ago.


At home I have an older Aeron chair in my study / guestroom that I got for $150 off Craigslist about 5 years ago. It works great. However, since I tend to work a lot at the kitchen table, I spend a lot of time in an old straight-backed wooden kitchen chair.


Your office is beautiful.