What Online Virtual HR are u using?

Hi, what online virtual HR are u using? when i google the the subject, i only Zenefits. Have u used Zenefits? What other services do u use? what was ur experience like? thanks!!!

What services are you looking for in an HR company?

I’m not exactly sure what to look for in these types of service. Any suggestions?

What does your company do?
What’s your company profile?

Do you need payroll processing, hiring and employee on-boarding, organizational management help, or simply managing HR paperwork such as FMLA, Benefits, etc?

I’m assuming you are based in the US. I have my bachelors in HR management so I thought maybe I could help a little bit. :grin:

If you need payroll and benefits, I recommend Gusto. I’m happy to help you get set up!

I am very happy with JustWorks, but it does depend a lot on what services you need.

This software looks interesting