What Photos? Beyond Artful Snapshots

Yesterday I was setting up a new printer for WiFi. Took a picture of the key info need from the back of my router-modem. Screenshots galore…

What are your favorite/useful non-photo uses of your phones camera?

I always take a picture of my car when I go out. If I can’t remember where I parked, I can use the location data to find it on a map.

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I always take pictures of how the network equipment is installed so I can direct a client if they need to do something with it.

Small example here of a quick residential setup a while ago.

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Today I was applying for a parking permit and of course one ask is my car’s license plate number. No idea.

Before trudging out to the distant lot to see, and then to circle back, I remember the algorithms in Photos.app are supposed to be getting better and better – so in search I just started typing l-i-c-e-n and up popped at least six pictures with the tag info.


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My wife, who isn’t very techie, will sometimes come to me with a computer question and when I show her on my computer (a web page, for example) she takes a picture of my screen and goes back to her computer.

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Here’s one I took this morning as I reached up above my blinds to figure out why they weren’t hooking on. A small flat handheld camera is really useful for home improvement:)

I take a picture of my hotel room number.

Pictures of the condition of the rental car before pickup.

Picture of the licence place of a beat up car next to mine showing the side of my car. Just in case they slam the door into mine or scrape while pulling out…

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