What Podcasts do you recommend relevant to tech and/or productivity?

A recent topic, “Which podcast app are you using?” caused me to think that asking for podcast recommendations could be a good way to discover useful podcasts.

What podcast(s) related to tech. and/or productivity do you recommend to the group?


Mac OS Ken does a great witty job of covering Apple news on a daily basis. :+1:


For tech/productivity

  • MPU
  • Canvas
  • Free Agents
  • Cortex

I also have high hopes for the Automators podcast, but probably shouldn’t recommend it until we’ve heard an actual episode. :grin:

More general tech podcasts:

  • Accidental Tech Podcast
  • Connected
  • Upgrade

DTNS ( Daily Tech News Show ), http://www.dailytechnewsshow.com/
Download, https://www.relay.fm/download

Vector with Rene Ritchie
Accidental Tech Podcast
The Changelog

The Talk Show — John Gruber

It may be a bit early, but I would like to recommend Automator.

Also, if you want to get in to the real tech of tech, try The MAC Observer’s MAC Geek Gab.


Here are my recommendations for general tech :smiley:

My recommendation for productivity is the GTD Podcast. It is a slow feed (about 1 per month) with a great back catalogue. I am also looking forward to Automators :nerd_face:

some I listen to:

Mac Geek Gab (MGG)
Mac Power Users of course
Security Now (Steve Gibson)
Accidental Tech podcast
Automators (no episodes yet, so…)
Let’s talk Apple
The Talk show

Here are some of my favorites.


Please no one yell at me, but I’ll throw Reply All into this mix. Perhaps not truly a “tech” podcast, it’s rooted in themes related to tech, and is a great intro podcast for non-tech-nerds who are interested in those themes.


Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency

Sometimes I’ll pick up a few others here and there but these two continue to stay in constant rotation.


I’ll second “Productivity Show” by Asian Efficiency. My only gripe with AE is that it’s subscription heavy for the Dojo. While MPU offers us a free knowledge resource here, AE keeps the bulk of their knowledge locked up behind a paywall. That’s fine and I understand that but sometimes it seems the episodes don’t give you EVERYTHING you need so you’ll be enticed to subscribe.

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Accidental Tech Podcast
Security Now
Mac Geek Gab

Looking forward to Automaters.

American Innovations
Business Wars (quite a bit of tech, but also consumer goods like Nike vs. Adidas that I find interesting)
Code Switch
How I Built This (also not exclusively tech, but quite a bit)
Internet History
Recode Decode

Recode Decode
Recode Media
The Big Web Show - this is more focused on web design/dev than straight-up tech

Hurry Slowly is my top recommendation for a useful productivity podcast. Makes you “think different”


I won’t mention podcasts that were mentioned before in this post, but there were a lot of good recommendations already. Maybe a few more:

Mac Admins Podcast - I listen to it selectively, which is easy because they have chapters
Exponent - Great show, more about tech companies than technology. One of the few shows I cannot listen to in the car since I want to take notes
Not So Standard Deviations - Great if you are into data analytics

Thanks for all of the great recommendations. I have just subscribed to many of those recommended on this topic. Keep the ideas coming if you have others that have not yet been mentioned that you believe are worthy of note. Thanks again everyone.

I am surprised nobody has mentioned Maccast with Adam Christianson.