What’s included in the free month of Apple One?

The conditions for the free month of Apple One are written in different ways (in my native language):

  • Services you currently pay for (or are already trying out) won’t have a free trial
  • Services you had in the past won’t have a free trial

The second one is more restrictive. Which one is true?

I currently pay for Apple TV+ and Apple Music, but both don’t renew and end before the end of the month.

What will I get if start an Apple One trial when they both expired?

If you’re currently paying for it, you won’t get a free trial. Personally, I tried Apple TV almost a year ago, and when I re-subbed for the trial I got a month of it free. Your mileage may vary.

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If they expire before Apple One trial ends, you will lose access to both services.

Maybe I should rephrase my question: What will I pay when I start an Apple One trial (after Apple TV+ and Apple Music expired)?

Will I pay the first month €4,99 for Apple TV+ and €9,99 for Apple Music, with only (1 month) free iCloud+ and Apple Arcade?

(And from then on the regular Apple One price for all the services?)

You won’t pay for Apple TV or Apple Music after they expire. Once you start paying for AppleOne, you will gain access to everything.

So my recommendation, if you care about Apple TV or Apple Music, you should not stop the subscription till you are paying for Apple One; or the other way is to skip AppleOne trial and start paying right away.

Oh, maybe I (“finally”) understand now:

  • Suppose Apple TV+ and Apple Music expire today
  • If I start the Apple One trial tomorrow, I will only get iCloud+ and Apple Arcade, for 1 month?
  • And one month from now, when I start paying, I will get all services again?

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I get 4 services for $15. Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and extra iCloud (50 GB). I’d like to get the news but decided not to do so.