What’s on your desktop?

Since it came up on the latest episode of MPU, I’m curious: What do you all have on your desktop and what do you use for wallpaper?

For myself, I have three icons at the moment: a screenshot, a folder alias I’m not using and should delete and my Time Machine HD. I also use Geektool and have a bunch of geeklets.

My wallpaper is different shots of the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata, New Zealand, which is my dream to visit one day.

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13" Retina MacBook Pro. Normally just mounted drives on the desktop. Currently a couple saved searches for some fast-paced ongoing projects.

Dock NOT hidden. No Dock Magnification. I don’t like having things in the interface move around on me and I don’t like waiting for interface elements. I like things nice and predictable and at hand. (Though I had been a dock hider for years!)

Background image is about a year old and I’m kinda itching for change, but there’s some sentimental value that’s keeping it around (and I like the appearance, after all!) The image is some data art my wife created using real-time heart rate data collected from both of us during my PhD defence (which she attended).
Individual dots are individual measures of heart rate from the Apple Watch, line is best fit (I think? She’s the scientist!), haze is standard deviation/variability at any given moment (I think?). I’m blue, she’s coral. I have a similar one on my iPad and one vertically oriented on my iPhone. 59%20AM

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Your screenshot reminded me of something else to ask: Dock hidden or not?