What’s your workflow for this group?

Please don’t take this as a complaint about the shift to this group … but, look, I found it really easy to use the facebook group - I’d pop into it every few days, I’d scroll down, I’d look a the stuff I wanted to, I’d ignore the rest - but this new forum feels bigger and bulkier than the FB one, and it’s a bit overwhelming and I don’t know how to use it, easily.

I think I’m suffering from the paradox of having too many choices. It feels like I have to think now, rather than just scroll.

If you’re finding it easy, could you share how you use it?

(I’m considering setting up a discourse forum for a different topic, but my experience here, as a newbie, is putting me off).


Use the ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ buttons at the top of the main page.

I had the same problem as you, but now I log in a couple times per day and quickly read through new items/updates.

This forum is a tremendous improvement on the awful facebook group, once you use these buttons.


I go to the New posts. Then I command-click on all the new posts that I want to read. I have command-click set to open a link in a new tab. I also un-check When a new tab or window opens, make it active. This allows me to stay in the current window. I hit the Dismiss new posts to ignore the rest that I wasn’t interested in.

Then I go to the Unread posts and command-click the conversations i want to follow up on.

I’ll have multiple tabs in one window and I can read through each one.

Here is the Safari preferences:



I make use of the New and Unread views. I the read what I want and dismiss the others.


I’m also trying out subscribing to RSS feeds: RSS Feeds for MPU Talk

Funny I don’t use New or Unread at all, just Latest.

I keep the tab open along with 30 other tabs in a series of six or eight Safari windows, and then if I happen to notice it when I’m looking for something else, I browse for a minute or two before checking slack, discord, other slack, Messages, shared google docs, Things, my email, and then getting back to work until something work-related makes me think I need to look something up in a web browser.


When I go to new, I can dismiss all new. This will clear the counter for new posts. Same thing with unread.

I don’t get the difference between latest and new.

The difference between latest and new:

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