What Setapp apps do you use?

I’ve just subscribed, and I use a couple of the apps, but I don’t feel I am getting full use.

What apps do you use and how?


Oh boy
Pretty much all the apps I used to buy but got tired of upgrading or subscribing to:

  • For writing: Ulysses, Mindnode, Aeon Timeline, Diarly (which replaced Day One)
  • Utilities: PDFPen (for OCR), Forklift, Path Finder, Mission Control Plus, Squash, Permute, Downie
  • Productivity: Be Focused Pro (pomodoro timer), Dropzone, CleanMyMac

I have long hesitated but I’m glad I subscribed, just wish it had existed sooner before I started to buy licenses for all those apps. But as time goes, I’ll get the value back through never paying for upgrades again.

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I subscribed for TextSoap. CleanMyMac X and Paste have been nice bonuses. Nothing else has really stuck just yet.

Edit: Oh, right, Mission Control Plus is super cool!

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I have several installed, but I mainly use BetterTouchTool, Bartender, TextSoap 8, MarginNote Pro, Ulysses, Numi, Forecast Bar, Yoink, Note Plan, and CleanMyMac X.

That’s actually more than I thought I would. The subscription has paid for itself, in avoidance of higher priced individual app licenses or subscriptions. In the three years I have subscribed, only one SetApp app that I used frequently later discontinued its relationship with SetApp - iMazing.


I think that might be the case sometimes, but not all the time. In many cases, you might not ever look for a solution to a problem because you don’t realize it is solvable or you may not know of a better solution than you currently have. Also, software can also allow you to try new things that you wouldn’t have tried before. If I may sprinkle some liberal arts fairy dust on the conversation, the tools can be as much an inspiration as the materials.

  • 2Do
  • Bartender
  • Be Focused
  • BetterZip (for weird package formats that some open source projects use)
  • CleanMyMac
  • Downie
  • Elmedia Player
  • MarginNote
  • Marked
  • Mosaic
  • Permute
  • Renamer
  • Screens
  • Sip
  • ToothFairy
  • TripMode
  • Ulysses
  • World Clock Pro

I’ve also occasionally made use of a few others, but they’re not installed right now, including Paw, SQL Pro Studio, Wifi Explorer, Squash. I’ve been starting to play with MarsEdit lately, and I might try to do more with it for blogging and writing.

Last, I’ll add that I had probably purchased between a third and a half of these before they were in Setapp and I’ve moved over to the Setapp versions as a way to continue to support their development.


Here’s my current list:

  • Bartender
  • CleanMyMac X
  • Dropshare (I use it in combination with Amazon S3 for sharing screenshots via email.)
  • ForkLift (I use it to manage files on Amaozn S3.)
  • Get Backup Pro (For my use case, it’s comparable to SuperDuper!/Carbon Copy Cloner.)
  • Luminar Flex (It’s pretty similar to Luminar 3. I use it as a plug-in for Lightroom.)
  • Mindmode
  • News Explorer (It’s becoming my RSS reader of choice. I also use it on iOS).
  • Paste (The combination of Paste and Continuity’s Universal Clipboard is pretty sweet.)
  • Photolemur
  • TouchRetouch
  • Uplet (For uploading to Instagram)

Like @davemacdo there’s some apps that I use less and install when I feel a need: Paw, CameraBag Pro, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac, PhotoBulk, iStat Menus.

Shoutout for PDF Squeezer. I’m often sharing PDFed Keynote Slides with students who don’t need to be trying to download my 30+ meg files with perfect pictures. PDF Squeezer takes those files down to 1 meg making it an easy upload for me and an easy download for them.

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  • iStat Menus
  • BetterTouchTool
  • MindNode
  • OneSwitch
  • Ulysses
  • World Clock Pro
  • Bartender
  • MarsEdit
  • TripMode
  • CleanMyMac X
  • Be Focused
  • Gemini

These are the ones I use pretty regularly. Like others have said, I’ve paid for them previously, hope to recoup costs as they upgrade versions.

Huh. I tried PDF Squeezer and found that it made the PDFs almost illegible because it compressed it so heavily. I assume you’ve had a better experience?

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Only one I really use actively is paste. Nice find though it’s useful as hell.

Recently installed Gifox and it’s pretty slick but only used it once. I think I’ll get more active with it though.

I wish Alfred was on it.

You can set the output dpi/quality in the preferences. I have been using PDFSqueezer for a long time and I like it a lot! I especially like it’s ability to batch compress.


Thanks! That’s helpful, I should have looked closer.

Bartender - hide menu bar apps

BetterTouchTool - see most recent MPU

BetterZip - I only use this for QuickLook on .zip and other archive files

BusyCal - I use Fantastical now but this is a great calendar

BusyContacts - better contacts app

CodeRunner - I use this for testing scripts as I’m writing them

Downie - download videos from YouTube and almost any other location

Endurance - extend your MacBook’s battery

Forecast Bar - nice forecast app, includes weather alerts

iStat Menus - I use weather with this too

Jump Desktop - better screen sharing

MacPilot - tweak macOS settings

Marked - Markdown previews

MarsEdit - blogging / WordPress posting

Mission Control Plus - one trick pony, but it’s a useful trick

One Switch - handy centralized place for some controls

PDFpen - if I need to do something with PDFs beyond what Preview.app can do, I do it in PDFpen

Permute - handy for merging videos and transforming them

Proxyman - I use Proxie more than this, but this is a nicer app if you need to watch HTTP headers, etc

Screens - I prefer Jump Desktop, but I like Screens too and use them both

SideNotes - I use Tot more now but I liked this for awhile

Simon - server monitoring, need to use this more to keep track of my Macs

TaskPaper - I’m been simplifying my task lists lately

TextSoap - clean up text without having to know a bunch of obscure terminal commands

ToothFairy - connect any type of Bluetooth device, but I use this primarily for connecting my AirPods to my Mac

Trickster - a better “recent files” experience

TripMode - back when I used to leave the house, this was good when tethering my MacBook with my iPhone

Ulysses - I use Bear more often but I like having Ulysses too


@tjluoma – looks like Setapp should vest an ownership percentage on you. LOL

So – is there anything Setapp provides that you do not use?

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A few, here or there :slight_smile:

Now, I will say that I owned several of those before I signed up with Setapp, but when I am setting up a new Mac, I always prefer Setapp vs having to copy/paste all of the registration codes out of 1Password!

Truthfully I think Ulysses and iStat Menus’ weather subscription probably comes close to making my Setapp subscription come out “even”, and PDFpen isn’t exactly a subscription app, but they do seem to release a new major version every year or so…


CleanMyMac X
Disk Drill
Elmedia Player
Forecast Bar
iStat Menus
Path Finder
PDF Squeezer
SQLPro for SQLite
SQLPro Studio
WiFi Explorer
World Clock Pro

BTW - Setapp just added another app that I use / love / recommend

If you want to send a video file from your Mac to your Apple TV, Beamer is the way to do it.


I see lot of people using pathfinder, what are they using it for ?

I’m mostly using it for large transfers of data to my NAS. For some reason, Finder has trouble keeping the connection alive for those big transfers, while Path Finder manages to always see them through.