What SSD Enclosure Was talked about on the show 3-4 months ago?

Hi all,

I remember David and Stephen were talking about fast external SSD enclosures a while ago (USB3, maybe even Thunderbolt, I think).

Can anyone point me to the show/link?



David has a page on his site listing his setup at home, https://www.macsparky.com/studio. Under external storage there is this paragraph:

I also have a Samsung T5 SSD in a very fast OWC enclosure attached directly to the back of my iMac. Figuring out where to put this extra fast storage was not easy, and the solution is my shame.

Could this be what was mentioned in the show?

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Hi @darranwest That looks familiar! Thank you!! [[I ought to have mentioned one did not *need* to find the exact show and link :wink: ]].

Instead of using a SATA III SSD drive in an external enclosure, would it be feasible to use a portable external SSD that connects through USB 3 or USB-C? Is there a substantial difference in speed?

FWIW, I bought the OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini about a year ago and I use it 24x7 attached to my Mac mini. I use a USB-C cable to connect the Mac to the drive (a Samsung EVO 860 1 TB SSD) and my through-put has been very good. I ran Blackmagic Design Disk Speed Test on this setup using a 2GB test file and got 523 MB/s Read and 444 Write on the external is is plenty fast for me. Hope this info helps you decide!