What to use for Employee Info "Flash Card" application?

I have a lot of employees and I want to do a better job of learning their names (especially those I interact with less frequently) and basic information about them. I have created a “template” note in Apple Notes (see attached) that I can share with my Exec. Assistant to complete for each employee. The notes are in sub-folders based on division/department.

I’m wondering if there is a better approach or application? My criteria is simple and straightforward:

  • Available on all of my Apple devices and synced
  • Sharable with my EA for updating
  • Easy to update

Do you know of an application that would handle this any better than Apple Notes? (my main pain point with Apple Notes is the inability to create/manage folders in iOS).


Have you considered just using Contacts for this?

Thanks for replying. I have but I want a “flash card” feature. I found an app that will work–I have my EA entering all of the information via the web interface so the information will show up in my app on all devices. It is called Name Shark. Thanks again.