What usability regressions are you lamenting, either in Apple software or third-party?

Yeah I was referring to going back to the top level of a domain or website - if I remember correctly it was named Snap Back or something like that?
I am aware of the feature to quickly jump back to the top of a page - though I don’t know if this also works on macOS :thinking:?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough with what I meant in my previous post :innocent:

No, you were clear—I just wanted to make sure. My small effort to be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Always appreciated, thanks :pray:

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Previously on the Apple Watch, during a workout it would show either one metric at a time, and you could change which one with the crown, or multiple metrics on the same screen in a smaller typeface. Now, the option for one big metric has been removed, and even if you customize the display to show only one or two metrics, they don’t get bigger to become easier to read. Also, changing the text size in the watch’s settings doesn’t make it any bigger. Not good for taking my glasses off when I run on the treadmill, and less accessible to all.

As somebody that develops websites, this mystifies me too.

In particular, my old 486 would actually keep the contents of multiple browser windows in memory (or let’s be real here - in a disk cache :slight_smile: ), whereas my iPhone seems to feel the need to kick everything out of memory when I switch apps.


Cmd+Opt+S goes back to the latest search you did. Maybe helps somewhat? :thinking:

Thank you Carlsson, that is indeed helpful (even more so with Keyboard Maestro, Hyper Key and/or Stream Deck :blush:).

Just remembered another regression in WatchOS 8:
I may be one of few people you actually uses the breathing app regularly, but I really dislike that it got so cumbersome to change the length of time for how long you want to breathe …
Before, it was just by turning the Digital Crown before starting a session and therefore it was very easy to adjust, but with WatchOS 8 you have to dig through multiple screens and go back manually every time you want to change something (I often find myself changing the duration based on time I have between meetings and such).

Gee, thanks! I didn’t even know you could dictate into the Watch!!! How cool is that?

That is all my Mac keeps doing. I am getting the top of a website and the bottom, nothing in between. It wasn’t doing that before so I might have changed something accidentally. I often wished it would scroll back up. I guess I need to be careful of what I wish for.