What will get announced on Jan 19th and 20th

new M2 chips and computers Tuesday
new HomePods Wednesday.

What do you think will get announced on Thursday and Friday?
4 announcement day weeks are fun!

I vaguely remember Apple released something new everyday for a week in 2021 or 2022, but I can’t find reference to anything. What did they do last time?

I kind of hope there is an 11" iPad Pro mini-LED refresh, but I doubt it. I can’t think of anything else small enough that wouldn’t be at an event they could do. New iPhone color seems to be a new year thing now I guess.

I’m thinking maybe M2 iMac and (unlikely but why not guess it anyway): M2 Pro (and Max?) 27" iMac.

March 2019:

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LOL, time flies, it doesn’t seem like that long ago! Thanks for posting.

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I would be surprised, if the iMac (with build in Display) will have a future living…

I really kind of doubt that the larger one will come back any time soon, but I think the 24" is quite popular. It would have made sense to include an M2 24" iMac with the other Macs on Tuesday (if it’s being updated) unless it’s meant to be the lead in to a 27" version. It’s a long shot but tha’ts my reasoning. We’ll find out soon enough :slight_smile:


Updated AirPods Max would be a nice arrival tomorrow, and make this week’s theme be updates to the bigger options in their product lines.

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It was fun while it lasted!