What workflows or automations have stuck/paid off for you?

Are you able to share this workflow please?

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brand or model?..……………

The “perspectives” are defined in a JXA file. It is not programming, but not the most user friendly.
And you need to have python 3 installed (which I think it is on current macOS).
Also I found a file in the workflow folder I’m not sure what it does …
I will try to clean it up a bit and then share it. Let’s say it’s alpha but usable.

It is a kyria from splitkb.
I got mine build by a local shop, it was very expansive (because they’re not used to this fiddly stuff). Either you can solder yourself or find someone who can do it and likes keybords (or keebs, as they say :wink: ).
Splitkb will release “soon” a similar keyboard that has a number row and does not require soldering. For most people more buttons = better.
If price is a concern, you can go with the cheapest case (I did).
You still need keycaps and switches, both of which can be very deep rabbit holes. You have been warned.

Otherwise there are a lot of ready to use split keyboards, usually at quite a steep price though.
Also I am not a person for multiple keyboards (I tell myself), however I am on the kickstarter for the glove80 which has bluetooth. I just need to find the right keyboard an then stick with it …

But if it weren’t for bluetooth, or I could solder myself, then I would not look further than the kyria. There are also options to give the kyria bluetooth support, but I realized that I just want the hardware to work out of the box. I usually fiddle with the software at some point. If this makes you nervous, nearly all of them have some GUI to click together your keymaps, so programming is usually not needed.

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What app do you use for your daily note?

thanks for the warning!

Obsidian for organization of notes.
However I open most of my notes and my daily notes especially in Typora.
I just like the look and simplicity, and at the time it was not possible to “open note in new window” in Obsidian. I think it is possible now though.

The note is generated at night by Shortcuts on my phone and synced via iCloud. On my computer Shortcuts opens the file on login (maybe that Shortcut is triggered via Hammerspoon, who knows how all the magic is happening :person_shrugging:). Sometimes it is not synced yet, will improve this at some point. Currently I just lock the computer and unlock it again …

Other topic:
I am in the process of cleaning up the Things Perspectives Alfred Workflow. Might take Stimme time but will post it eventually.

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I gave the workflow its own thread

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There is one more workflow I wanted to share. It is very minor, but also very useful.

In an episode of Automators Rosemary mentioned, that the autocomplete/text replacement built into iOS can do newline, if you define them on the mac.

Not intuitive. That’s why I wanted to share it (again), so more people know.

Especially on the phone autocomplete is very helpful. At some point I had to send the same long reply to almost all emails coming to a certain address. I had to read them first, but 99% of the time I just wanted to hit “saved reply”.

Well, this solved it for me, as you can save any (text only) email in the autocomplete system, if you do it from the Mac.

The same is also true for salutations which usually contain line breaks.

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