What's eating my disk space?

I was running Daisy Disk yesterday, and found that about 20% of my 1TB drive is occupied by “hidden space”. As my iTunes backup of the iPad was running, I could see this space allocation increasing. I see that some of it is purgable and around 6.1GB is probably the recovery partition. However, a full 226,5 GB are now inaccessible to me.

Anyone know where I can get to these files? Suspecting to find at least some old backups that probably can be deleted.

Time Machine. If you are running Mojave or High Sierra, the Time Machine system creates “snapshots” on your drive that are used by Time Machine – see this article from Apple for more info.

As I’ve posted in other thread here, do NOT use Daisy Disk to delete those snapshots. In my experience, Daisy Disk makes a mess. The best approach is to let Time Machine run its course, and Time Machine will eventually remove the snapshots.


Will see if I can use a different backup software, this is crazy much allocation. Daisy Disk could not see the files at all, btw.

There is generally no reason to be concerned about the space being used since it will be recovered if needed and doesn’t hurt performance with an SSD. You can force them all to be deleted by toggling Time Machine off and then on again in System Preferences. If you don’t want this feature at all, execute tmutil disablelocal in a Terminal window.

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