What's this line on the dock?

Bit of an odd question, but what’s this horizontal line on the dock? Maybe it’s always been there? I feel like it’s new. Do others see this on their dock? (Running Mojave)

Hmmm that’s odd. I’m already with Catalina, but I never seen that.
Maybe you can share also a screenshot of your dock preferences to have more info to figure it out. :slight_smile:

I restarted and it went away, but still wondering what it is. Here are dock prefs.

Looks like an iOS interface artefact… weird!

Ok, now you have me wondering. What is the icon to the left of Calendar? And, what is the icon overlaying Mail?

Katie :smile_cat:

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The icon left of Calendar is Roam and the icon overlaying Mail is Mailbutler.

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If it’s any consolation, looking at your Dock preferences helped me fix a problem that has been driving me nuts for a couple of weeks that was solved by changing the “Prefer tabs when opening documents” setting. (Why is that in Dock preferences anyway?)


I checked and compared with my settings and never came up something like that. Looks like a horizontal scrolling bar. Maybe was just a hiccup in the system :slight_smile: