Whats your computer(or multiples)setup

Hey Guys,

What’s everyone’s current computer situation? I currently use a 5k iMac at my office and I have two laptops which is a bit of a debate internally for me right now. I have a 2017 MacBook and also a 2017 15” MacBook Pro TouchBar. I only recently got the MacBook, I travel quite a bit and the MacBook Pro is heavy. I do a lot of Lightroom and I really appreciate the extra real estate. But I love the size of the MacBook. I am having a tough time keeping everything synced and looking the same between all three machines which is why I am thinking of dropping one of the laptops…does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions etc. for keeping stuff a bit more “in sync” between everything. I just want to be able to pick up either laptop or the iMac and have everything look and act the same, and have all my files

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I’ve got a 2017 5K iMac on my desk at home. At work I’ve got a mid-2011 Mac mini that I brought in to supplement the work-issued desktop PC. I’ve also got a mid-2012 15" Retina MacBook Pro that used to be my primary machine (supplanted by the iMac) and then my work machine (supplanted by the mini). Now I only use it for road trips and even that role is increasingly being taken over my my iPad Pro. I don’t even know if I’m going to replace it when it’s time comes.

I keep everything in Dropbox or iCloud and don’t have any issues keeping files synced. Keeping apps and settings synced is more of a pain (especially installing the same update for the third time on three different machines).

For the sake of simplicity I am going to not talk about my servers or iPads , and only talk mac’ else this list gets a bit crazy
At the moment I have a work issued MacBook Pro 2015 that I use for all of my work development (I am a Software Engineer) then I have a MacBook Pro 2016 that I use as my main computer, it mostly is used for side projects and streaming games to it. Lastly I have an old suped up MacBook Pro 2011 (16GB of RAM, SSD, it’s nice for a 7 year old computer, and that keyboard) it servers as a backup / loan computer.

All three computers run the same base set of applications, with each having use specific applications, e.g the work computer has the office VPN software, My personal computer has PS4 streaming software.

To keep things in sync all my documents live in google drive and my code lives in GitHub, since I have always lived a multi platform life, features like cloud syncing were imported when I settled on software.

Once I set things up the way I like, I very really actually change settings in the computer, aside from things like the scroll direction on the trackpad, all my settings live up at the application layer.

Personally I am of the opinion that an operating systems purpose is to facilitate the usage and switching of apps, that it itself should be as out of the way as possible. And thus everything should be controlled at the application layer

I’ve been using a server computer at home for maybe 15 years now, Mac minis since 2009. It has 14TB of storage, with my archival files, media files, and TimeMachine backups of the other computers. It acts as a VPN server so I get access to my home network securely when away. Both my wife and myself each has a 5k iMac and a Mac notebook (she has a 1st Gen 11" MacBook Air, which she has basically abandoned for an iPad, I’ve got a late 2011 MacBookPro.) There are two additional Mac minis that act as entertainment centers. I use Resilio Sync to create my own private “cloud” to keep my projects accessible on both my Macs as well as the server, and also to share with others.

I’d say my real fear with all of this is in having to run different OSes. Some of the systems won’t run anything beyond El Capitan. My server runs Sierra and I won’t upgrade because Apple has basically deprecated all server functionality. Of the three SSD based computers, my wife’s iMac is the newest, runs High Sierra, and will be upgraded to Mojave when it gets released. My iMac runs Sierra because it has a Fusion drive and High Sierra doesn’t support it with APFS. I’m not even sure about using Mojave because of 32-bit software I’m attached to. My MacBookPro runs High Sierra and is not capable of running Mojave. The anemic MacBookAir has El Capitan because it’s the latest OS that really will run on it. So while I’d like to have uniformity I’m basically stuck with El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave all running at once and the older ones not supported. I may end up abandoning Apple just to get some uniformity!