What's your EDC?

The thread on bags and the one on notebooks has prompted me to ask about what is your every day caryy stuff that is always on your person or with you?


Regular sturdy belt (can be used as a neck strap to catch and hold an escaped horse or to bind a wound)
cloth handkerchief (in addition to normal use I’ve used it to bind an injury, mop up blood, clean the mouth of a lamb during birth, wash my face and more)
bee sting kit (I’m allergic so I carry epinephrine everywhere)
leatherman tool (Currently carrying a Fuse, going to buy a Rebar when I get to the store next)
wallet containing drivers license, hunting license, credit card, insurance card, store loyalty card for grocery store, business cards, cash
small notebook (usually a 3x5 top spiral bound one)
small pen (alternates between a space pen and a smaller one that fits into a slot in the wallet)
long sleeve shirt (esp. in summer to prevent sunburn)
reading glasses

I add a few other things as the season and workload demand but these are my EDC items.

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Mine is much more basic: iPhone SE, Apple Watch, AirPods, sunglasses, keys and wallet. I don’t like to carry a bag, so I keep things to a minimum. The only thing in my wallet is a bus pass because I use my watch for payment everywhere now (I also don’t carry any cash nowadays)

My work bag always contains a variation of

  • MacBook Pro and charger
  • IPad Pro 10.5 and charger
  • Notebook
  • Frixion erasable pens
  • Misc bandaids, personal items
  • Advil
  • Tissues
  • Headphones (Jabra Bluetooth - forget the model)
  • My son’s bottle, ready for daycare pickup in the afternoon

Since my son was born, I often end up with a nappy or two, miscellaneous toys, bottle and other food items floating around in there.

To clarify, this is not stuff in a bag that is with my but actually physically on my person, in a pocket or on my belt. Straps are dangerous around machinery so I don’t carry a bag pr purse around the farm except the lamb bag during lambing.

Since I got my Macbook Adorable I only carry one bag - kind of an extra big purse. It has:

  • Macbook in a grey felt sleeve
  • iPad mini in a grey felt sleeve (sometimes)
  • Wallet
  • Business card case
  • Makeup pouch
  • Fountain pen case
  • Pen case that has in it a Hello Kitty flash drive, USB 3 to USB C flash drive, automatic pencils, 6 inch ruler and a Tide stick…among other things
  • Keys
  • Journal
  • Sunglasses in case
  • Computer / reading glasses in case
  • iPhone 5s in wallet case
  • Battery charger for iPhone
  • On teaching days and presentation days, a silk tank top in a ziplock bag

It sounds like a lot, but I used to have to carry a purse plus computer bag so I see it as win.

Given that I’m mostly mobile, I make sure that my backpack always contains the following:

  • MacBook Pro 15”, charger, presentation and other various attachments
  • iPad Pro 10.5”, charger and presentation attachments
  • A pair of sunglasses and vision glasses in case my eyes get tired - both in their cases
  • Apple Pencil, AirPods, wired headphones, screen cleaner wipes, a couple lightning cables and several USB-A to USB-C adapters
  • Ibuprofen, Melatonin, allergy medicine, Excedrin, floss
  • Hootoo Wireless Travel Router
  • Disinfectant wipes (travel size)
  • Business cards
  • Work-assigned iPhone 6S

I think I captured it all. Since I live in Denver, CO, and often travel to Washington D.C., I usually add a pair of gloves and a beanie hat during winter.

If you caught me without a bag on my person this is what I’d have on me:

That’s a good game. On an average day, I’m carrying on my person:

  • iPhone 8, currently in an ultra thin case so it stops sliding off of everything
  • A Pentel EnerGel .7mm clicky pen
  • A Beta QR V1 flashlight
  • 4 different keys to my 1 apartment
  • A wireless keyfob for my car
  • 1/4 of a microfiber cloth
  • A 3” USB-to-lightning cable
  • Some headphones. For at least a year it’s been some Amazon Basics earbuds, but I’m testing out some airpods
  • A spare lightning-to-mini-jack adapter for attaching to sound systems in theaters where I produce shows
  • a couple of loyalty club cards and movie ticket stubs
  • A little bit of emergency cash
  • a plastic shopping bag folded up very small
  • a little packet of toothpicks
  • a teng & co Slim 360 wallet with a few cards inside (ID, credit, insurance, bus pass, maybe something else)
  • A standard black sharpie
  • A field notes notebook nominally intended to be a joke notebook
  • A couple copies of my latest zine
  • A Leatherman micra
  • Some post-it™s
  • A three of clubs for some reason…
  • A small lighter
  • A USB stick

If I’m working, my bookbag usually gets loaded up with:

  • 2013 Macbook Pro
  • Charging cables
  • Triple-tap and ground lift adapters
  • Roll of orange paper tape
  • USB battery pack
  • Luminoodle
  • hairbrush
  • spare SD card, CF card, USB stick
  • flossers
  • short HDMI cable
  • lightning cable
  • little tripod and Glif
  • Some bose over-ear headphones from Qatar
  • grid-it jammed full of stuff:
    • 1’ USB to micro USB
    • 1’ USB to mini USB
    • 1’ USB to USB 3.0
    • 1’ Firewire 800 cable
    • square reader
    • Transcend multiple card reader
    • Thunderbolt to VGA adapter
    • Thunderbolt to FW800 adapter
    • Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter
    • Thunderbolt to ethernet adapter
    • Thunderbolt to DVI adapter
    • Part of an old external hard drive that can be used as a ESATA to USB adapter
    • A USB light
    • a little tiny light
    • Another USB stick, apparently
    • And sometimes an ipad, depending on what I’m up to.
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One suggestion, at least find a way to carry ID and emergency contact information even when on a bike. I know someone who was in an accident and it took a long time to figure out who he was when he was badly injured and in the hospital.

That’s a great idea. The person I knew didn’t have anything with him at the time, no phone, ID card, nothing.

I know this is an old thread but I’m going to post.

iPhone 6s Plus in an Otterbox Defender case
Small leather wallet I keep in my front pocket (hate wallets in my back pocket)
Keys on a carabiner, also on the keys are a bottle opener (which I thought was stupid and I would never use but I use it a lot). Also on the keys is a Leatherman small screwdriver, bottle opener wrench, I use it a lot. It’s not Leatherman plies, it’s a Leatherman keychain . I recommend it to

Usually a pen but not always.

And just ordered this new wallet

Every morning before I step into the garage I say to myself, “Keys, wallet, phone, glasses,” and I tap each of them to confirm they’re in place.

I wear an Apple Watch, too, but for reasons I can’t fully explain, I’m far less likely to forget to put that on than I am to forget any of the others.

It must be tactile. My wrist feels naked without the watch, but my face doesn’t feel naked without my glasses.

So please tell me that I’m not the only one who heard/read "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch as a way to remember the way you are supposed to cross yourself.

Which is difficult when you are female…


So please tell me that I’m not the only one who heard/read "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch as a way to remember the way you are supposed to cross yourself.

You’re not the only one. :grinning:. And now I’ll have to be sure I watch Keeping the Faith again sometime this summer…

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