What's your favorite mail app? Looking for an alternative to Apple Mail on Mac

I access ProtonMail with Apple Mail app using ProtonMail IMAP/SMTP Bridge.


Theoretically it’s an issue, but unless you’re doing something super-exotic, email isn’t typically a high-load application to begin with.

With something as central as email, where features & interface are one of the main decision criteria for most people, I’d install your copy of Postbox and give it a shot. :slight_smile:

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I agree that it probably works fine and performance I also fine on apple silicon Macs. I have some apps that need Rosetta2 and in most cases I have not noticed issues with performance. The first time you start an application directly after installing it might have some delay because the binary needs to be translated first. It’s my understanding that Rosetta2 is not needed anymore after the application is translated, the only difference is that the binary is a bit less optimized for apple silicon than a universal binary would be.

I’m just not eager to invest (time and money) in an app that at this moment does not provide a universal binary and does not communicate on why it’s not available. It makes me wonder about the developers commitment for the future. Even most (if not all) free applications I use have universal binaries.

Postbox has been around for a long time and comments are mostly positive, so it might be worth it to try Postbox.

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