When can Live Photos be turned into a (seamless) video (Or: are there any apps that help do that?)

Happy holidays all!

Like most parents out there, I spent this morning taking photos of the best toddler in the world. Now, sometimes, if you take a series of Live Photos in quick succession, you can select them as a group, hit Share, and get an option to “Save Video.” The phone then works some magic to create a seamless video of the scene for the length of the series of Live Photos.

Problem is, I can’t tell which sets of Live Photos are amenable to this.

I imagine it depends on how quickly each photo in a series was taken after the previous shot, whether Mercury is in retrograde, and whether today’s date in ISO8601 format is divisible by 3.

Still, all I want to know is which photos could work for this feature, because the alternative is haphazardly checking random subsets of a series of photos and getting lucky.

Or are there any recommendable apps out there that help create good videos from Live Photos?

(Note: this is different from the “Save Video” option coming from the ellipsis menu in the bottom right. That seems to always be there, and it just stitches each Live Photo together, one after the other, leading to stuttering and sharp cuts between the photos.)

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There are a couple of articles out there, who might be of help

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Have you tried iMovie for this? Exporting unmodified originals from ApplePhotos should include the still image and the videos.

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