When empty is not really empty

Some time two weeks ago, after reading a note about it somewhere, I decided to set up a smart search on empty folders across my entire hard drive. Essentially, kind is folder with number of items less than one.

Surprise. Lots of empty folders. All over the place.

So, to my great satisfaction, I went churning away at trashing them. Even the ones that required me to confirm by dialog that I wanted to remove them.

Which thankfully, due to a figurative firestorm, I stopped doing after a few minutes.

A few days later, I went looking for a specific folder of homework assignments to one of my courses. And it was not there. At all. And then it happened again with some other folder somewhere. And recently at the end of this week, yet again.

Entire folders. Gone.

Thank goodness for Time Machine. Daily or at least every other day backups.

Which all goes to say that, perhaps those “empty” folders in my ~/Library … or ~/System folders were not really empty. Perhaps they contained the equivalent of system or application pointers to the folders themselves.

So I have since deleted that smart search. Which is perhaps the smarter thing to do than to continue using it.