When is the next Automators podcast?

Just wondering if anyone knows when this will be?

I have forgotten what @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard said in the podcast, it may have been every two weeks? If so, Episode 2 might be out soon.

Maybe, you should go back to https://automators.fm to listen back to the episodes. They talked about their planned release schedule. I am not sure if it was in Episode 0 or in Episode 1, though…

P.S. They set up an separate Discourse forum at https://talk.automators.fm :slight_smile:


Think it was due every 2nd Friday? Mine came out quite late Friday even (this part of the world) – so if I’m right, should be posted 7/8 hours from now?

Automators Episode 2 just popped up in Overcast!