When is the wrong time in the cycle to buy a MacBook? + M4 Rumours?

I don’t think an M-series MacBook Air would be a downgrade from an Intel MacBook Pro, especially one from 2014.


I upgraded from a mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro to a 2020 M1 Air and aside from the physical screen size (although the resolution is higher, and if I really need more space I have a 27" 4K display I can plug in), there is nothing about the Air that feels like a “downgrade”. Zero regrets.

One can’t get hung up on the “Pro” naming. Unless you need something that the Pro gives you over the Air, the Air is excellent.


I agree. It’s a marketing term for branding Apple’s higher spec equipment. If an Air does what you need it to do in your profession, it’s a pro machine for you, even if Apple doesn’t name it “Pro.”


FYI, another data point, my M1 MacBook Air with 16 GB memory and 1 TB SSD was an upgrade in every way over my 2018 Intel MacBook Pro with the same specs.

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