When paying with Apple Watch at a new store

What do you look at while the payment is processing?

  • I stare at the payment terminal, pretending like I’m conducting an experiment.
  • I stare at the cashier, pretending I’m not the only person to pay this way all week.

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Haha, I still get people saying it’s the first time they’ve seen it every week. I’ve yet to see another person paying by watch apart from me, which is a shame because it’s accepted everywhere where I live. Lots of people have the watch, I’ve no idea why they don’t pay with it though, phones are used all the time.

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Look at the reader, to verify the amount is correct!


My banking app always verifies the amount with a notification when the payment is authorised. This is what I always check.

I find Apple Pay available at lots of sandwich shops, etc. and drug stores, but never at grocery stores and gas stations. (the Exxon app doesn’t count, IMO).

Retailers want to know who their customers are, and I’m anonymous when I use Apple Pay in person. So I don’t expect wide spread acceptance in the foreseeable future.

Too bad. I’d prefer to leave my credit cards at home.

This morning I paid for my cab with Apple Pay. When the cabbie heard the phone’s ‘ping’ he said with some amazement that the other day someone actually paid with his watch! :upside_down_face:

Whole Foods accepts Apple Pay.

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True. But they aren’t what many/most people would consider a “normal” grocery store. In any event the closest one is 35 miles away.

Where I live (Spain), absolutely everywhere now accepts it. Even the smallest grocery stores and gas stations. I haven’t had to pay by cash for anything in recent memory, and there is not a minimum spend anymore so I can pay even for the smallest things using the watch. There is no culture of supermarkets or other vendors opting out, everywhere has accepted it since launch.